Is the CellSpot using the Data I already paid for?


    I just got the 4GLTE CellSpot set up and my connection is now FULL Bars, BUT when my daughter "binges" Netflix is the CellSpot using my ISP Data to do do that? Will it take my ISP bandwidth to do it? So if my ISP has a bandwidth cap could it push me over my normal threshold? I've seen some stuff online that ANY Tmobile customers in my immediate area can now connect to Tmobile through the CellSpot and use my ISP Data?


    I REALLY need some clarification please. I asked Tmobile when I was online fixing the 911 address and she didn't know.


    Please help, Thank you!

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      • nelfar212

        Here's my question, Why not just purchase a wireless router for use with your home internet, many ISP's have a bandwidth data cap of 500gb upwards of a 1TB, those caps are incredibly hard to hit unless everyone is streaming in 1080p/4k for hours on end daily on multiple devices ..From what I read the Cell spot is acting somewhat similar to a VOIP gateway an all voice and data call are sent/received via the Cell spot via the ISP internet gateway. So really it's your choice I don't see you coming anywhere close to the bandwidth caps, if it makes a feel better get a wireless router,  I'm always on mine(wifi) when I'm home never had an issue.   

          • pstlc5

            Our Comcast Modem had Wi-Fi and a router as part of it. The CellSpot is hooked up over Ethernet since the call over WiFi had been getting glitch since Comcast/Xfinity started offering Mobile service. This is why the Tmobile tech suggested the 4GLTE CellSpot.


            We average about 447gb of data on our Comcast/Xfinity BEFORE the CellSpot. We get creative connection here on Verizon or Sprint, but not since we switched to Tmobile. We had been using the 4G Signal Booster, but that too hadn't been working as it did before. The Tech did say there was a portion of service down at the nearest tower which was part of why they suggested this "mini tower" CellSpot.


            If others in the neighborhood can connect to it and use our Comcast/Xfinity data then that will push us over the 500gb cap!


            I just NEED to know what I have actually signed up for her.

          • nelfar212

            The Cellspot should preform like a normal wireless router, contact support so they can help you enable the security function to keep unwanted people from logging into the cell spot and running up your data allotment with Comcast, also 447gb is a lot of data, may I inquire as to what types of video are you guys streaming, I run 2 laptops, XBOX one 4 cell phones and 3 smart TV's with Netflix, Hulu, amazon prime and Plex. as out primary method of watching TV .. we run between 300gb an 350gb a month. Also can you guys stream Netflix and Hulu without the cell spot?

            • drnewcomb2

              Your family should be using your WiFi signal for data while at home. Most phones automatically connect to known WiFi signals. I know mine does.