t- mobile customer care lies and more lies . whish i never switched scam


    I switch from Verizon 4 lines due to there growing charges. My wife and I were in the mail here in pa. T-mobile rep. was standing in the hall and pulled us in to the store to speak to us About how we can save money our phone bill. (BIGGEST MISTAKE OF OUR LIVES )  3 hours we were in the store . The rep we started with then left and we were put with assistant manger.He had us use his lap top and create my Verizon account to switch us over .after it was done I clearly asked what do i need to do with Verizon as far as termination charges ect. He clearly states to me Nothing that he just did it all .Now we go to turn phones on and he tells me that t - mobile now wants 300.00 deposit for the i phone 6 . I say why does this just pop up now and why cant i just transfer my Verizon phone to t -mobile . His answer was as follows . The phones are not compatible and  as far as the 300 dollar charge it was his over sight . so he said he would issue two credits for 150 each month for two months for his mistake . I went to store month later he is not working the manger is and tells me he had no authority to tell me that and he would speak to him when he comes in tomorrow and call me back. Two days later I go to the store cause of course no phone call . The manger says he spoke to him and he did not recall anything of who I am or any such mistake he made.. When I asked why he did not call me he said he did I showed him my phone and said were is your number I got no phone call I asked for his number and he refused i asked to see his phone that shows he called me he again refused and asked me to leave.. This is just start of the of the lies and deceit that t mobile has done.


    I went to my closing for my house last month the night before Mortgage company calls me and tells me that Verizon shows on my credit report for 1650.00 I call Verizon they tell me that this is for line termination fees and phones . I explained to them that t mobile was handling it and they said they see were lines were transferred and t mobile never followed up.. I had to pay 1650.00 to Verizon . i have called AND faxed the bill to t mobile and nothing has been done they say they show but nothing else . how is that i ask they say they dont know but i am welcome to resubmit but the program ran out in may 31 2017 and there is no guarantees that i would get it .. I lost it enough is enough . they show i called numerous times but nothing done.. There sales rep. clearly stated it was handled i four witness in the store when he said that . customer care show s i called numerous times but says notes on account are fuzzy . How is any of this my fault T mobile sales reps and customer care people tell me that it is being handled and its all lie ,, nothing handled . customer care rep even gives me phone number telling that Carry Freedom is closed on Sunday. so Monday morning I call the number and its automated system telling to go to web site .. another lie ...  this is only few of the problems we have had with t mobile There rep and customer care people lie and do nothing..


    I have been on the phone now for 2 hrs 17 minutes trying to speak to supervisor boss I have been hung up on or told there at lunch and will call me back at 1 pm after there off there lunch. Now how are they doing that when the lady never asked for my number or verified call back number . ps its 1:19 pm and no return call gee surprising yea right....

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      • tmo_marissa

        greg.bozek, I'm so sorry to read about this experience. Hands down this is neither the way we want to welcome new customers nor the experience we want for existing customers -- it's the opposite of the service that we want to provide at any point that you're doing business with us.
        It definitely sounds like we dropped the ball explaining the Carrier Freedom reimbursement process. For liability reasons, while we can assist with the submission if you need help, we shouldn't be completing a submission for a customer or leading them to believe that we are. The success of the Carrier Freedom program does really depend on setting the right expectations with our customers -- it's best that you're prepared to pay your prior carrier, and once you've submitted for reimbursement and we've verified the eligibility terms are met, we pay you back for what you've paid them. From the experience you're describing, it doesn't sound like we went over this with you, and I can't imagine what a frustrating surprise that is now. 

        They're (thankfully) not used often, but we definitely do have escalation processes for situations when you're outside of the standard timeline but within six months of activation and meet all the other requirements. I know that you've reached out multiple times, but if you Contact Us our Care team should be able to get you in touch with the appropriate escalation team to review the situation and see what we can do to partner with our reimbursement team and help out here.
        I'm going to send a private message your way to gather some more information from you so that we can forward the feedback about your experience appropriately. Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know how this went for you -- please take a look in your inbox when you have a moment, as we'd certainly love to do what we can to make sure you're getting in touch with the right folks and get the incident reported so we can prevent this from happening in the future. Thank you!


        - Marissa