Feel like ive been scammed


    I went to mobile just to ask about the iPhone x. The guy suggested I just join the JOD because then i could upgrade to it for free. So I joined and then upgraded to the iPhone 8 and it was 70 dollars.... he said that the policy "Just changed" three days after I signed up. And now if I want the 10 It is 300 dollars down. Definitely not what I was told. Now all I want to do is just pay off my phone so I can own it. But I'm told I can't because I am in a contract for 18 months. Which he also never explained that either. I am very frustrated and thinking about moving to a different carrier. I just want to pay off my phone and not be apart of this JOD anymore. Hopefully somebody who can do something about this reads this and reaches out to me.

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      • customer11

        Re: Feel like ive been scammed

        Or I would like to just be able to turn my phone in and completely end the JOD and go back to my old phone I have and buy a new one later.

        • htghtg

          Re: Feel like ive been scammed

          Hello and welcome, customer11!


          It's always disappointing to see cases where customers feel like that. It sucks you had that experience.


          Good news - you should be able to end your lease early and purchase the phone. You'll need to Contact them but a Customer Support Representative should be able to help you out. The remaining balance of the phone will be due when you end your lease, but at least then you can opt out of the program and also own the phone. The price of the phone is determined by the agreement.


          I don't think this process will be terribly difficult for you to complete!





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          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Feel like ive been scammed

            Hi there, customer11. I'm so sorry to read about this -- we like to surprise and DELIGHT our customers, and this doesn't sound like that kind of surprise. I'm sure that learning about the increase in the initial down payment over what you'd been expecting to pay for the iPhone 8 wasn't fun, and you're right -- the down payment for the iPhone X is definitely higher than previous devices, because honestly, the cost is higher. I'm sorry to say that there's not a manual way to change the amount that's due up front.

            htghtg is right about the ability to terminate the lease early. You should be able to pay your remaining lease installments and the purchase option price for the iPhone 8 off and own it outright if that's what you want to do. I know that the Buyer's Remorse period does differ slightly depending on where you live/how you placed your order, but depending on when and where you signed up for JOD, you may still be within that window to simply return the phone and cancel the lease.
            None of these options are as enjoyable to discuss as the prospect of upgrading as I know you were planning, but I want to make sure that we're giving you the right info about your options.


            We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience here -- I'm sorry that it sounds like we could have done a better job of being transparent about the way that the JUMP! On Demand program works. I'd love to gather some additional feedback from you about this experience so that we can make sure it's being forwarded to the right folks, so I am going to send a private message your way. Please take a look in your inbox when you get a moment. Thank you again!


            - Marissa