How do I transfer photos from Samsung SGH-T139 phone to Win 7 PC?




    I have a Samsung SGH-T139 cell phone, and this phone has photos in it. I'm interested in copying these photos from my phone to my Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) PC.


    My phone plan is the T-Mobile "Pay As You Go" plan, which does not include data. Thus, I am not able to send these photos to my email address as picture messages.


    I purchased the Samsung SGH-T139 Data Transfer Sync Cable (, and I installed the Samsung PC Studio 3.2.3 software ( onto my PC. I read somewhere that, if I installed the software onto my PC and connected the phone to the PC via the cable, then I would be able to transfer the photos from the phone to the PC. Unfortunately, the software is not able to connect to the phone.


    So, how do I get the software to recognize the phone? Is there any way to transfer the photos from the phone to the PC, except sending picture messages?


    Thank you.

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      • snn555

        According to some info I dug up you can only transfer the photos via email or text.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey, magenta3037466! I'm sorry to say I haven't been able to find any official steps for doing this using a cable, and my general experience matches up with what snn555 found when digging online. Were you able to find any steps for this elsewhere, or get any advice from Samsung?


          - Marissa

          • tmo_amanda

            Happy Thursday, magenta3037466!


            I just wanted to swing by to see if you've had a chance to look at the link that snn555 provided? If not, please do so and let us know if you have any additional questions.

            • magenta3037466

              Hi, Amanda.


              I did see snn555's link. That link talks about sending photos as picture messages.



              Years ago, I tried sending a photo as a picture message, from my SGH-T139 (which has the T-Mobile Legacy "Pay As You Go" Plan) to an AOL email address. The phone sent the photo. The photo appeared in the phone's "SentBox" as "Sent". However, the photo never arrived at the destination email. I was told that the photo never arrived because my Legacy "Pay As You Go" Plan did not include data.



              A few days ago, I did some google searching, and I found the following online discussion from 2012:




              This discussion pertains to sending photos as picture messages under T-Mobile's Legacy "Pay As You Go" Plan.



              In post #6 of the discussion, the poster called "whacker" says the following:


              "Sending SMS or MMS to e-mail is definitely not a standard feature in the T-Mobile prepaid realm (at least PAYGO level service). Sending to a phone number is (MMS messages cost $0.25 each way)"


              In post #11, the poster called "mrcamp" concurs with "whacker", saying the following:


              "I have had tmobile payg without a data plan for about 8 years or so, and have always been able to send and receive MMS to other numbers."



              In light of the above discussion, I tried to send a photo as a picture message from my SGH-T139 (which has the Legacy T-Mobile "Pay As You Go" Plan) to a Nokia 6133 (which has a T-Mobile monthly postpaid plan).


              Unfortunately, when I tried to send the photo, the SGH-T139 was not able to complete the sending process. The sending process was just "hanging", with no completion. I had to "cancel sending".



              Now, the SGH-T139 has been able to *receive* text-only picture messages from other phones. These messages are labeled "Picture Message", but they are text only. Also, the SGH-T139 recently received, from another phone, some kind of non-text file as a picture message, but the file appeared inside the SGH-T139 in a degraded manner.



              So, what's going on here? If the SGH-T139 can receive picture messages, why can't the SGH-T139 send a photo as a picture message to another phone number or to an email address?


              Any help is appreciated.

                • snn555

                  I might be wrong but pic-texts that used the voice stream instead of data (which wasn't a thing back then) no longer do so, perhaps given MMS (multimedia messaging service) is now a "thing' and uses data to send and receive messages like pics.  IOW, might be that the old tech is just not compatible anymore.

                  • tmo_amanda

                    magenta3037466, thanks for the extra info. Your plan does seem to be the issue here as snn555 mentioned. It sounds like you have some precious memories stored on your phone. You can always look into putting a postpaid SIM (I'm not sure if the Nokia account that your referenced earlier will work) into your Samsung device to see if your messages will send then.

                      • magenta3037466

                        I recently went to a T-Mobile store, and I was told by store employees that I could upgrade to an Alcatel Go Flip feature phone. The employees told me that I could keep the same Pay As You Go Plan, and that the photos on my SGH-T139 could be transferred to the Alcatel Go Flip phone.


                        I asked the employees how the photos could be transferred. The employees said that Bluetooth could be used. However, the SGH-T139 has only 2 Bluetooth profiles: Headset and Hands-free. I don't think those profiles will support the transfer of photos.


                        I asked about the Samsung SGH-T139 Data Transfer Sync Cable and the Samsung PC Studio 3.2.3 software, and the employees said that the cable and the software would work also. Well, the software could not connect to the SGH-T139 phone via the cable.


                        Right now, I'm not sure whether it's even possible to transfer photos from the SGH-T139 to the Alcatel Go Flip phone.


                        As for putting a postpaid SIM into the SGH-T139, I've thought about that. The Nokia phone belongs to a family member and contains many contacts. My concern is that taking out the Nokia SIM card, putting the SIM card into the SGH-T139, sending the photos, and then putting the Nokia SIM card back into the Nokia, will erase all the contacts from the Nokia. My family member would not be pleased.


                        Of course, I could go back to the T-Mobile store, and perhaps the store has some postpaid SIM that some employee will be nice enough to let me borrow.

                    • tmo_marissa

                      Hey, magenta3037466! Just wanted to check on you and see how you were coming along with this -- it sounds like you've decided to move forward with swapping a SIM with a data plan into the phone so that you can send the photos out. Have you been able to give that a shot yet? Keep us posted, hope everything is going well!


                      - Marissa

                        • magenta3037466

                          I went to a T-Mobile store. A store employee connected my phone and a USB flash drive to some device called a Cellebrite. The employee then tried to transfer my photos from the phone to the flash drive via the Cellebrite. Unfortunately, the Cellebrite could not access the phone.


                          I asked the store employee whether I could borrow a SIM card from any of the phones on display at the store, and put that SIM card into my phone. Unfortunately, the SIM cards in those display phones were too small for my phone.


                          So, I'm probably going to take the Nokia SIM card that I mentioned in some previous posts above, and put that SIM card into my phone.