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    Hello, I have an Android ZTE phone that was dropped. The phone still turns on and it even looks like it works too. However, the screen is all messed up and scrambled. The screen is not broken or cracked on the outside but the interface screen is messed up. It looks like a big blob and a few lines. I can't do anything with it or bring up a keypad to type anything in. I attached a few screen shots to show what I mean. Any ideas as to what is wrong with the screen?



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      • snn555

        Re: Dropped phone Android ZTE

        Z981 Zmax Pro?


        Digitizer is non repairable. Well. I'm sure it is repairable however it would be cost prohibitive to do so on a phone that was 180 brand new.  If you have insurance IDK that I'd spend the deductible money to replace it.  I might opt to buy a new phone. Maybe a byop. That's my opinion having owned one.




        I can now see that that is not a zMAX Pro. Is that an avid? None-the-less I still stand by my opinion that you might be better served getting a new phone because neither phone was high-end nor anything really more than a short-term budget phone. I understand not everyone can afford a flagship or even a $300 phone but the money you would put in to repair any ZTE that T-Mobile offers would be cost prohibitive.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Dropped phone Android ZTE

          Hi magenta3011586! Sorry about your phone! I am with snn555 here, the last time I had a device that looked like this after an oops was a while ago, but at that point it wasn't something that I could get fixed at the local repair shop here. I will say, having had screens repaired since then (where the display is fine but the glass needs to be replaced), the cost can be pretty hefty, depending on the device. In this situation, I think you're probably best off looking for a new phone -- but don't let us dissuade you from asking someone in person if that would give you peace of mind!

          • magenta3011586

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            I wound just getting a new phone. The t mobile sales/tech told me that you're better off getting a new phone so I did that. I was curious as to what happened to my phone. The outside screen isn't broken and the interface was all messed up. I also wanted to find out if I could retrieve any files on the phone. The phone still goes on and wanted to also see if there is a way to reformat/reset the phone to wipe out any data if possible.

              • snn555

                Re: Dropped phone Android ZTE

                Without a screen to be able to see what you were doing on the device it would be very difficult to perform any action and also just as equally difficult to confirm the action performed. When all is said and done you can always break the phone in half.