TMOBILE Refund of Prepaid Credit - LIED


    I am a prepaid customer that accumulated a large balance on my account thanks to my wife thinking she needed to refill the account $100 each time. In any case, I accumulated a $391 balance. I decided to move to 2 TMobile post paid accounts and was told by a customer service rep that they normally do not issue refunds, but she could transfer my credit balance to my new account but I need to get the new lines first. So I did that. Called back, and even though there is a note in my file agreeing to the transfer, I was told they could not do that. After speaking to least 6 more individuals, I finally got a manager to agree to issue a refund. I asked them if they could guarantee this would happen and I would not have to call again. They told me YES, but could tell they were upset with my question. So over a month later I see my prepaid account is still active, no refund has been issued and they did not have any record of agreeing to issue the refund on file. I am so stupid that I did not get the name of the manager who agreed to issue the refund. So please be very skeptical of any promises TMobile makes. I am in the process of jumping through hoops yet again and am being stonewalled even though the original agreement to transfer my credit balance to my new account is on file. I have never in my life dealt with a company that seems to be so dishonest. It seemed like a simple request. Sorry for the long drawn out explanation but this is probably the most frustrated I have ever been dealing with customer service. At least I currently have no issues with my 2 Tmobile post paid lines.