T-Mobile fees and charges & Government taxes and fees


    Why is T-mobile charging these fees at the account level and then a similar amount per individual account.  It is not right to be paying taxes to T-Mobile (Rep said to government) on the account (has has two lines included for the fee) and then the same fees on each line. 

    T-Mobile fees and charges

    Federal Universal Service Fund $1.06

    State Communication Service Tax $3.87

    Local Communication Service Tax $3.03

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        If you are on the old plan then you will be charged taxes and fees.  You have to be on a T-Mobile One plan that came out this year to have those into the plan.  Exactly which plan are you on?


        Some states changed the laws and have to collect taxes that way if you know you are supposed to be paying tax.  Here in Hawaii for example it started that way and certain tax codes were made last year which caused this.  My Verizon bill is just like this too.

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