Ugh... History of DIGITS issues... Now my wife is getting my texts to her paired DIGITS line.


    Beta tested, used web and apps for a while now.


    I won't bore with the previous issues that all started when I wanted to add a Data paired with DIGITS line to get my wife a ZTE Quartz. I thought that was all settled, but a few hours ago, she asked if I was getting my cousin's messages (cousin to me). Yes, I was, and why was she asking? Because she was also getting his messages, but only on her watch. UGH.


    I went to my.tmo and mydigits to try and figure out what happened.


    Looks like someone re-added my digits beta line at some point (it was removed while troubleshooting prior issues). my.tmo says it is paired to my number, which, while correct, it shouldn't be because it had been removed and I never re-paired it. In mydigits, if I try to un-pair (from the digts beta line) I get ERROR UNABLE TO SAVE DUPLICATE LINE. This line does not appear under my main line in mydigits.


    My wife's Data with Digits line is correctly paired in my.tmo and mydigits.


    My Data with Digits line is correctly paired in my.tmo, but is not visible in mydigits. It does appear under my main line as a paired device.



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