Bill credit and trade in credit?


    Hello.  So my son has the iPhone 7.  We pay 27/month and get 20/month in bill credit.  Overall, we still owe 270 dollars and we still have 200 dollars bill credit.  If we pay the 270 dollars out of pocket and trade in his iPhone 7 for the iPhone X - would we be eligible for both the advertised 300 dollars trade in credit and still continue to receive the 200 dollars bill credit left over from his iphone7?

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        Re: Bill credit and trade in credit?

        Hey, thecooks! This is a great question. If the credits you're receiving for your son's phone are from the September 2016 iPhone Trade-Up offer, then I found this gem of truth in our internal document for that promotion:

        If customers want to upgrade a line receiving promotional EIP bill credits and keep the credits, they can perform a standard upgrade with or without EIP to a new device.  Customers can pay of their qualifying EIP and continue to receive the bill credits at the account level. If they JUMP! to a new device, they will lose the credit.
        In this situation, since you're thinking of paying off the remaining EIP balance for his device and THEN completing an EIP for a new phone using the old phone as a trade-in, you should actually be able to take advantage of both promotions. The credits for the iPhone 7 will continue being issued at the *account* level, and you can trade the phone in once it's paid off to qualify for the Q4 $300 iPhone offer and get credits fior the iPhone X at the EIP level.
        I double checked the Q4 internal offer content and found the exact question there too --

        Q: If I pay off my iPhone 7 and am still receiving credits for the September iPhone 7 Trade-up offer, can I use the iPhone 7 for the $300 Q4 iPhone offer on the iPhone X?

        A: Yes, this would work fine as those credits will now be at the account level due to the device being paid off.


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        Edited to add: The order of operations here is pretty important! I wanted to call out that a trade-in has to be completed at the time of the upgrade, so you'd need to pay the iPhone 7 off first in order for it to be eligible to trade-in during the order for the iPhone X. Just rereading my original reply and I'm not sure if I made that clear!