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    How do I add my google contacts to my Digits app? I was able to integrate this on my desktop app but not on my phone app. (I have an iPhone).

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      • debjitjdv

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        As of now you cannot import your Google Contacts in to your iOS DIGITS app. The other way around is:


        1. Add your Google account in Settings-> Accounts of iPhone. Just switch on the contact sync in the account settings. This will sync the Google contacts to your device.

        2. Go to DIGITS app and then go to contacts tab. You should be able to see your Google Contacts uner device tab. If you wish you can upload your Google contact to DIGITS cloud.

        3. Now just disable contact syncing in iPhone settings. This will remove Google contacts from your device but DIGITS cloud will have those contacts,


        If you have any new contacts added to Google contacts, then you need to repeat step 1-3. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

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