Pixel 2 50% off offer not seeming to work


    Hey guys, last Friday I filled out the promotion request for the Pixel 2 50% offer at the t-mobile promo site. Everything submitted fine and I received a tracking number, the site mentioned that status should be trackable on the site within 24 hours....Fast forward 4 days and the submission doesn't show up on the system at all when checking status...it is as if it never happened. I called up the Rebate line and an agent confirmed that the submission 'wasn't in the system' and tried to manually put in a submission. That one showed up but was denied a little while later due to 'invalid receipt'...which makes sense since he didnt have my receipt. Anyway after this I tried 3 more times and none of the submissions are showing up on the site...they all submit fine and give you a tracking number. My coworker is seeing the exact same issue on his account and a few people online seem to be running into this too....Any idea what's up? Is there a widespread problem with the Pixel 2 offer on the promo site? Anyone else seeing this?

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