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    I am in Europe and bought a phone from ebay from a fellow in UK.


    He said the phone is locked to T-Mobile but didn't say which country.


    I bought the phone assuming its T-Mobile UK as he was based in UK. Its simple to get the unlock code from T Mobile in the UK you just tell them its bought second hand and they give you the unlock code.


    I called them up and gave the IMEI number of the phone and they said that the device is not recognized on their network.


    I then tried the IMEI checker on the T Mobile US site and it displays a message that the phone has a balance on it from the previous owner and until balance is paid the phone can't be used on the T Mobile network.


    I also bought a T Mobile US SIM on Amazon.


    The phone accepted the SIM but I can't activate it as it did not come with Activation Code, the website says to contact by phone in case can't do it online.


    I need to know what number will I need to dial from Dublin Ireland to contact T Mobile support in the US to activate the SIM card I bought .


    Thanks for any replies.

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