Hello. I would like to know if there is a reimbursement form that can be printed out. I had 2 lines with T-Mobile and two with Verizon. I decided to move my 2 from Verizon to T-Mobile. At the time when I made the move my sales rep told me my bill was past due on the 2 lines that I currently had with T-Mobile and I could apply for the reimbursement once my bill was current. I forgot about this conversation until I received a bill over $1000 from Verizon. I have since been trying to submit for my reimbursement. The system keeps giving me this message:


    We're sorry, this account is not current at T-Mobile. Please contact T-Mobile Customer Care at 1-888-390-6867 to verify your account information or update the information to continue.


    I have found that the information that was given to me by my sales rep was incorrect. No matter the status of my account I still get the same message. I have not successfully been able to speak to anyone on the phone about this. I can not afford to just eat the cost of over $1000 for phones. I was misled in many ways. I now have uninsured phones on T-Mobile and I also have a outstanding bill from my previous carrier. What can I do to get my reimbursement?



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      • snn555


        Most likely you need to contact the number that you see on screen is there. A lot of the reimbursement programs and promos need to be handled in a certain amount of time and of course the account has to be current to be able to take advantage of that promotion. It may be that too much time passed before you made the account current and were able to take advantage of the promotion. Hopefully that time has not passed but your best bet is to call T-Mobile to try to find out if you have any time left to take advantage.

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          • llevation


            Thanks for your response.  However I am really looking for a response from T-Mobile. Do you truly think I've looked at that number on the post and just decided not to call? I stated that I called in my post. I'm not looking for a general answer.  A rep would understand the error message and the nature of the concern.  Your response provides nothing for me.  I respectfully appreciate your response but the general nature of your feedback was not what I'm looking for.

              • snn555

                Re: EFT REIMBURSEMENT FORM

                Sorry I couldn't be of more help. No one on this community Forum which is a peer-to-peer Forum mind you is going to be able to access any of your account information. The community managers also are unable to access any account information and you would be best served to contact T-Mobile by a phone call or social media.

            • tmo_marissa


              Hi, llevation, and welcome to our Community! snn555 is right in explaining the public nature of our forum -- it's largely intended for customer to customer interaction, and because of its public nature it's not a secure platform from which we can access customer accounts.
              That said, if your account is current and you're seeing this message in error, then we definitely want you to work with our Reimbursement team to get your submission in ASAP! I know that the number in that error message is the right one, but the prompts to follow to get to an agent can be tough to navigate.


              Please try this:


              To reach an agent:

              1. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
              2. Press 3.
              3. Press 1.
              4. Press 1.


              We have had a few users report here and there that the hold time gets a little on the long side; and I know that can be especially true this time of year when multiple new devices launch and we (very happily!) get a rush of new customers who want to participate in the offer. Suffice to say, if there is a wait, please hang in there! These are the right folks to work with and we don't want you to have to pay that amount if we can help it!

              Thanks for posting, and thank you again for bringing your third and fourth lines to us!


              - Marissa