The T-Mobile Tuesday deal today is capes, y'all.


    Here's hoping they still have some when I am off of work. If not, go get yours so I can live vicariously through you.


    T-Mobile on Twitter: "Not all heroes wear capes…But we totally do. Score a T-Mobile cape for #TMobileTuesdays now! htt…

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      • snn555

        Re: Caaaaaaaaaaapes!

        My 1 local store is out of merch most weeks. Its the only store within 2 hours. I was lucky to get the next to last towel. She wanted pink but the employees had already taken the pink ones but there was a white one left. But yay, cause its pretty big. 

          • tmo_lauren

            Re: Caaaaaaaaaaapes!

            Ugh. That's a bummer. I missed out on the stadium bag and I was legit pretty sad. For a little while they would send stuff to the call centers and let employees have a better change, but at this point it's just hope they are there after work.


            I have managed to get the dog handkerchief, and the trucker hat, but that's about it. Wah. My sorrow is real. 


            You should totally take cape pics if you can lol



              • snn555

                Re: Caaaaaaaaaaapes!

                I generally tend to gravitate towards the items that are mainly black with accents of magenta versus the other way around.


                Items that are branded with a particular manufacturer or model number are usually things I don't go after either. However free is free and so you can't be choosy.


                Now, I would definitely rock a beanie for the one day a year it's actually cold here.


                I think most people's best bet to get exactly what they want that is never offered or is offered very rarely is probably just to go to the magenta gear website. Although it should be mentioned that some items that are offered for free are not offered on the website and if they are it's a few months after the fact.

            • tidbits

              Re: Caaaaaaaaaaapes!

              I couldn't find one here in Hawaii that would have them.

                • tmo_lauren

                  Re: Caaaaaaaaaaapes!

                  They actually don't seem to be the exact same items on the Magenta Gear site, even if they look the same. Which I guess sort of makes sense, one is a freebie.


                  Yeah, I skipped on the LG whatever it was a few weeks ago- LG has bootlooped one too many phones on me to want to wear their stuff. -_-


                  When I worked as a rep I used to get WAY more T-Mobile stuff, at this point, I think all the CMs are sort of in a weird place where we work for T-Mobile, but not for our call center, so we don't get included in all the swag stuff. We roll up to a corporate office manager, not a call center manager, so we are sort of out of the loop. Although I probably have enough T-Mobile shirts to last me a life time anywaaaaaaay. But sometimes there are some pretty cool ones I am sad we don't get in on and it's lame.


                  I definitely tried to get a cape after work and they were out of them You could also tell the rep was like "if one more person asks me for a cape..." D:


                  But seriously, cue my sorrow.

                  sad song for broken hearts - YouTube