Catch: You can't get Samsung pay deal if I you pay the phone in full.


    Be aware that you can you can only get the Samsung pay deal if you sign up for the 24 monthly installments. The deal description on the website doesn't tell you that. I went to the store last night to buy a Note 8 and they told me this. (Well. first they told me I can't pay in full for a Note 8, then they told me I can't get the Samsung pay deal if I do, then they wanted to charge me an obscure upgrade fee, then I walked out... I'll wait for the next good Samsung direct offer and buy unlocked.)


    From the website:


    "Who is eligible for this offer?
    Customers who purchase a Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, or Note8 either online, in store, by calling 1-800-T-MOBILE, or through other select purchase channels can join Samsung Rewards, upload their eligible receipt, and receive Samsung Reward points."

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey there, magenta2985637! I'm sorry we're not welcoming you on better terms, but we definitely appreciate you posting! Is this the offer you're referring to: 2017 Q4 T-Mobile Exclusive Samsung Pay Offer? If so, please accept my apology on behalf of our retail team -- this offer does *not* require an installment plan or financing agreement to qualify for! I double checked our internal documents for the offer as well, and it definitely calls out that EIP is not a requirement! We don't want to turn you off of getting this awesome device.


        You are welcome to purchase a Note8 through the site or the T-Mobile app to avoid the assisted service fee and walk through redemption on your new phone by uploading your reciept to the Samsung Pay app on your new device once you get it, if you're still interested! Thanks for providing your feedback on this experience, please let me know if you have any other questions!


        - Marissa

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        • magenta2985637

          Thanks Marissa, I appreciate the clarification. Yes, that is the offer I was referring to.


          I don't seem to be able to purchase online. After adding the phone to my card I get to a step with the question "Who is this device for?" and it's showing all devices that we have. It has a red message on top though saying: "To upgrade, please visit a T-Mobile retail location or contact customer service at (800) 376-1126." and I'm not able to proceed. I will call customer service and ask why I can't purchase online. Thanks.

          • magenta2223074

            I had the exact same thing happen. I was originally going to purchase my new Note 8 in installments because I had earned smartphone equality status [actually I would have earned it almost a year ago, but tmobile erased my  history to resolve problem they couldn't figure out, they did not give me any credit for the almost 1 year payments on time]. But when I went to purchase the phone, I got very nervous about investing more money and faith in Tmobile as they have not made things right on so many levels that I don't trust them. Last year I went to my local branch and explained in person the situation, thinking a live person could really see the situation and resolve it. Up until then, I'd spent hours and hours on chat and phone trying to resolve this mysterious problem of not being able to pay my bill [kicked me out of auto pay I'd set up] for no reason-never had insufficient funds-never wrote a bad check-never missed a payment. So each month for several months, I committed myself to fix this, so I'd contact them days before the bill due so I wouldn't miss the payment. HOURS-HOURS and then some. Finally, after a couple hours one day, I got a guy that said they couldn't figure out the problem. It looked like some random number was attached to my account [dating back to before I even opened my account with tmobile] so obviously a glitch. He said the only way to resolve this was to basically wipe out my history so the system would remove #, and things would resolve. And I did-desperate by then, and that's when I found out I'd lost my months toward smartphone equality, went to a local store with screenshots and chat transcripts, and she was not able to resolve anything. So, bite my lip and started again-set up auto pay, and within 2 months, the same thing started to happen AGAIN. I had to do the exact same thing, only this time I requested a supervisor when I called. Couldn't be put through, nor could I ever talk to the supervisor that had previously promised to fix. I had to start from scratch every month. I record over 22 hours in this last few months of chats, phone calls, and no resolution, but MANY supervisors expressing HORROR at what I had been going through after they read my file. I demanded people make notes because they hadn't been. Many "tickets" were put in and expedited. I was told by 3 different supervisors-back to back, ones I spoke with for hours say they'd never seen such a complex case or a more loyal, patient customer. They also ALL said the words, "I won't let you down". I've got your back. They promised. They couldn't believe what I had to go through for no fault of my own, and they said each time I'd been let down and forced to begin the process again the next month, and THIS time, they were NOT going to let that happen, and yet, it did every month until this past month when my auto payment once again kicked in. It will run into a problem within a couple of months--that's the pattern. I don't think I'll be with tmobile then. I just can't believe after all this, someone from Tmobile hasn't grabbed my case and done EVERYTHING they could to TRY and make this up to me somehow. I offered a brand new phone and free service for a year minimum after their negligence and broken promises. I have suffered so much. So, anyways, when I expressed my concerns, I was told if I choose the Note 8 [my Note 5 melted, and 3 and 4, all bought from tmobile were obsolute], they told me I'd have to hand in a working, in very condition phone to qualify for Samsung's $150.00 off Note 8. I laughed. I can give you many, ones I bought here, but none meet those qualifications! After what I've been through, you can't take one of my phones for that discount???? Then I was told that it didn't matter, if I wasn't willing to buy the new phone on payments-using my newly acquired ability to do so---I could not get discount anyway as it didn't apply to a person paying in full! Since when is paying UPFRONT something to discourage? So I got no discounts, no help or support from TMOBILE< and the worst things was, there was no sense of wanted to reach out to a customer that had stuck by them all this time while they screwed me over monthly to the point it had affected my emotional health. Preparing myself to call tmobile days before my auto payment wouldn't go through no matter what they promised, knowing they hadn't taken care of it and wouldn't be contacted me as promised was so discouraging, esp since I also knew it would take hours just to get to the point someone in charge would seriously be looking into it. So I said forget it. I'll get a revvd plus as recommended until I could put together the money to buy outright elsewhere down the road. I didn't trust tmobile, and I did not want a contract with them. Only the phone was horrible. Almost every app crashed. The processing was so slow, and the speakerphone was so low you couldn't hear it. It was horrible. I had to return and decided to ask one more time for some consideration in goodwill, and the manager-the one who the year before didn't help me, said they'd take the phone back, but it would cost me $50.00 to restock. I had not been told that and was in shock that I had to pay to restock a phone that was HORRIBLE. I was so sad. I had hoped Heather would give me the $150.00 off at least, but instead, I had to FIGHT with her to pay almost $1000 OUTRIGHT to avoid being committed to Tmobile, and only then would she waive the $50.00 RESTOCK FEE! And she was NOT pleasant. She said she'd do it THIS time, but if I didn't like the Note 8, she would not waive the fee if I returned it. OMG. I was truly in shock. Until someone there actually looks through ALL my file notes with the screenshots I sent and the transcripts, they will not understand the extent of the wrongness Tmobile exacted on me. They will not understand how I nearly begged each supervisor to make contact with me to update on the follow through they promised, and all three of the last ones were more than happy to promise me that. No one ever did, and they all seemed so nice. It could be a book exposing the worst case of customer service from Tmobile. So, that's my story. I am sorry it was so long, I really

            only meant to share my concern about paying the bill-the topic-happy to see I was not the only one. I appreciate you reading this.