Can I start a T-mobile Account on My Parents' Behalf?




    My parents do not speak English (or Spanish, or any language T-mobile reps would speak) and they are getting shafted on their phone bill. I keep telling them to switch, but because of their language barrier, they are discouraged. I also offered to go and be their translator, and they simply don't want to go through the process themselves. Their health isn't great, and they don't like doing things like that. But they'd be willing to have me do it if I just took care of everything for them. Is this possible? Can I just go in and sign them up for T-mobile with their IDs? I imagine there would be identity theft concerns here, but there has got to be a way to get around it, even if it takes a power of attorney to do it. I am just hoping there is an easier way.


    TL;DR: Is it possible to go into a T-mobile store and set up new accounts for my parents without them being present (I would have their government-issued IDs with me)?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey wardah That's really sweet of you to be concerned for your parents and so willing to help. Gold star for you!


        We have a few options. We do offer a teleinterpreter service, so they could just place the order over the phone through an interpreter. We have interpreters for all sorts of languages, not just common in the US. You can indeed go in store with them an interpret, but I definitely understand their hesitancy. Third option is if you have Power of Attorney, it's the only way you could set up an account for them without them, but it sounds like you are already aware of this possibility and in for it if it can be done, which it can!