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    As of today i truly believe tmobile is a scam company. In july there was a jump trade in from a iphone 6s to a iphone 7 its october almost november and tmobile claims they havent received my device. I spoke to someone on the phone about the device on time and they told me it was received and the device will be removed. This is third time or fifth time im calling about my device. My bill is almost 400 because of this.Now everytime I call its an excuse and the same thing every time, that they dont have it. I'm not going to continue arguing with you tmobile people on the phone about this device. and im planning to switch over to sprint because this has become straight bs! I'm fed up with tmobile and im done. Since they dont want to remove this device, I will be switching over to a different company as soon as possible.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Jump Trade In

        Whoa, ahylton97! Three months is far longer than most JUMP! returns take to be reflected in your account, I don't blame you for being frustrated, but we'd hate to lose you if we can fix this! Was this a JUMP! On Demand to JUMP! On Demand upgrade (you have an 18 month lease and turn in the original device in the store) or a JUMP! upgrade (you have a 24 month EIP and are returning either in the store or by shipping it back)? The return process is a little different depending on the circumstances, but if you mailed the device in, did you use the prepaid RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) label to send it back?
        I know JUMP! returns can be a little tricky to trace, since like trade-in devices they're shipped to Assurant's warehouse instead of the internal T-Mobile warehouse, but our internal teams should still be able to consult some tools to see if the label shows up in the system as received! While we can't take a look here, I know that there's an escalation process for trade-in issues -- when you've worked with us over the past few weeks to get to the bottom of this, have we mentioned if that's an option?


        - Marissa

          • ahylton97

            Re: Jump Trade In

            I have been calling about this for 3 months. The package tracking info says

            it was delivered. The insurance company also says they have received it

            from July 15,2017. The problem im seeing here is that an insurance claim

            was made and you guys sent us another iphone 6s that we didnt even know

            about because we jumped to the iphone 7. There was never a iphone 6s

            received and I beliveyou guys think we received one but yet when i look on

            my eip online it says the iphone 6s is waiting for the jump tradr in which

            was received since july 15. I want this phone removed and i will not do

            another handset research because ive done 3 and tmobile tells me thr same

            thing.  You people need to get in touch with the insurance company and let

            them tell you it wwas received and remove this phone from my plan.


            Adriana Hylton