Legacy plan is no longer working with Smartphone


    I purchased an unlocked Moto E4 a couple months ago and my Legacy pay-as-you-go plan worked fine on it. As of several days ago, my calls go directly to voicemail and I have no signal today at all. I get a message that only emergency calls can be made.


    The last successful call I made out was up in Longville, MN, on Thursday Oct. 19 (roaming with AT&T). I don't use my phone much, but on Saturday and Sunday when people tried to call me they got my voicemail right away. I had the phone on me and it never rang. I thought maybe it was because of bad weather.


    I just thought to try my phone at work to see if I still had that problem. Now I don't have a signal at all. I thought maybe it was because I was in a big building, but when I took my phone outside it still didn't work. I am in Bloomington, MN.


    I've had the Legacy plan for many years with a flip phone and only had issues in Longville when AT&T got rid of 2G coverage. That is why I bought the smartphone and now I'm having issues again.


    If this can't be resolved I'm tempted to move to AT&T because I know they have coverage in Longville, MN, and that is the most important reason I have this phone in the first place.


    Has anyone else had similar issues?

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      • dragon1562

        I checked the coverage map for the locations mentioned and they are all listed for fair signal. Which usually means 1-3 bars of service. If these areas had good coverage in the past I would dial 611 on your phone and talk to customer care. There may be upgrades going on in the location which could effect coverage. I know things will get better for you and I'm positive that the T-mobile reps will be able to answer any and all your questions.


        I'll also try to help as much as possible. Also to be clear I'm just another customer like yourself.

        • tmo_amanda

          Hey, magenta1802629!


          Thanks for providing a good amount of info for us to be able to look into what's going on. I checked out the Bloomington area and can see that our 2G towers are still active. However, as dragon1562  mentioned, modernizations play a part when it comes to the signal strength. Modernization are currently underway in the Bloomington area. That is most likely what's causing the lack of signal. I'd still like to have our Engineers dig into this. Please contact our Tech Support team to possibly file a ticket. You can contact them by dialing 611.

          • nelfar212

            To echo, TMO has invested a TON of money into network upgrades. Last I read something in the ballpark of 8 billion dollars, also they have acquired 600mhz and some 700mhz from Verizon, why is the important? Mainly the lower freqs do better with Building penetration for starters. what we are going to expect to see is improved coverage and overall network reliability on par with Verizon, I'm not familiar with your device if it's older you may have to invest in a newer one in the next 12-18 months, to take advantage of the upgraded network and this is standard industry practice, I'm almost sure all of the analog towers have be modernized at some point the 2g and 3g towers will undergo the same process.      

            • magenta1802629

              Update to my Update


              I now have a new phone and I am in Longville, MN and I am in roaming status. I'm not sure if I am having a device issue or a coverage issue.


              My roaming just started blinking on and off (it didn't always since I've been here). I am on AT&T coverage and I get coverage between -83 and -91dBm or it flashes to unknown network, 0 signal strength, no roaming. It switches between UMTS, IWLAN, HSPA, HSPA+. Also switches between in service, radio off and out of service, This has been happening for an hour then it just shows no signal. I turn off my phone then back on and it recognized the signal again, but it starts to flash and go through this whole routine again.


              My husband has a different plan that uses AT&T with a different phone and he doesn't have this issue.

                • magenta1802629

                  Another Update:


                  I was able to switch my phone to 3G in Longville, MN and got coverage that way.


                  Now I am back in Burnsville, MN, (a suburb of Minneapolis) and I switched the phone back to LTE and the same thing happened. I no longer have LTE coverage (I used to). I switched back to 3G and now I have coverage. Shouldn't I have LTE in a Minneapolis suburb?

                  What happens when T-mobile gets rid of 3G? I have an LTE phone and can't get LTE coverage.

                  • tmo_amanda

                    magenta1802629, I'm sorry it has taken me a lil' bit to get back to you regarding your two posts.


                    Longville, MN - This area only utilizes the L700 and 850MHz technology which means your phone must be compatible in order to get signal. Your phone supports the 850MHz and can only get 2G/3G in the area. Your husband likely doesn't have this issue because his service provider is AT&T and has different coverage. I'm happy to read your new update that you were able to pick-up 3G!


                    Burnsville, MN - Yes, you should have LTE in this area from looking at the bands that your phone supports. Do you know of any other T-Mobile users in the area that have the same issue with no LTE?

                      • magenta1802629

                        Thank you for getting back to me. I have called tech-support and they have opened a ticket. I am hoping this is a coverage issue and can be resolved. I certainly don't want to return a phone again. I really love this phone because it has everything I want in a smartphone.


                        My phone worked before in Longville, MN when set on LTE, so I'm not sure what's changed. LTE also worked before in Burnsville, MN. I only recently discovered that I can change the setting to 3G to get it to work. Otherwise, it was always set on LTE and initially worked in both places.


                        Thanks again.

                          • tmo_amanda

                            Awesome, magenta1802629! Please keep us updated on the status of your ticket. Also, I'm not a fan of switching phones constantly so I completely understand your sentiment with that. It sounds like it could be our network but our Engineers will know for sure.


                            Again, thank you for being so attentive to our forum and always getting back to us with answers to our questions!

                              • magenta1802629

                                I am still not reaching an LTE signal on my MotoE4. I called T-Mobile customer support on 11/11 and they filed a ticket. I still hadn't received a response on 11/16, so I called customer service again. They said they hadn't got a response from their engineers. It is now 11/20 and I still don't have an answer. I went to a T-mobile store yesterday and they gave me a new SIM card, but that didn't help one bit. The girl there said LTE is only for data. I know that isn't true because I read on the internet that about 40% of T-mobile calls go through the LTE signal.


                                This is so frustrating. I just want to know if the problem is with T-mobile or if it is the Moto phone, so I can get the phone returned under warranty if it needs fixing.

                                  • magenta1802629

                                    Update - I found a co-worker that has a Moto phone (not the same one as me) and she has T-Mobile pay-as-you-go plan and her phone is getting the LTE signal here at work. Could this still be a coverage issue for me?

                                      • dragon1562

                                        Sounds like it is your device and I would highly recommend upgrading rather than going through a warranty process. Find a phone that supports all of the t-mobile now and in the future. Also to get more attention I recommend creating a new thread since this was marked as resolved.

                                        • tmo_amanda

                                          Sorry, I'm just now getting back to your replies. It's my "Monday"! I'm bummed to hear that there has been no progress on your ticket. The compatibility issue with the network may lie within your phone. Do you happen to have the ticket number that was filed on your behalf?

                                            • magenta1802629

                                              Hi Amanda: Thank you so much for getting back to me. I ended up calling T-Mobile Customer Service again and was transferred to Tech Support. I spent about a half hour on the line with a technician and exhausted possible fixes. I could tell she was exasperated and the call was (I feel) cut short because of her frustration. The wonderful news is that I then contacted Motorola and they simply sent an update that corrected the problem. I'm not sure why they didn't resolve it the first time I contacted them, but now my phone is working exactly like it is suppose to. I have full bars of LTE at home and a couple bars at work. I just hope it still works for me when I'm roaming, but I won't have the opportunity to find out until mid December in Florida to see what my coverage will be like. Thank you once again for your commitment to this forum and your willingness to listen and help. Happy Thanksgiving!   Deanne