Iphone 8 Plus Locked by TMobile


    I bought an unlocked Best Buy phone for use in Brazil.

    However, it was blocked and linked to TMobile.

    Best Buy and Apple report that the unlocker is TMobile.

    Can you help me?

    Is there a telephone where the attendant speaks Portuguese?

    I await


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      • gramps28

        Re: Iphone 8 Plus Locked by TMobile

        You need to be a customer of Tmobile USA and meet the requirements in the link below.


        Unlock your mobile wireless device


        Next time you buy an unlocked IPhone buy it directly from apple.


        If you buy it unlocked from a 3rd party like Best Buy it will lock to the first sim you put in the phone.

        • gramps28

          Re: Iphone 8 Plus Locked by TMobile

          Also Tmobile won't be able to unlock the phone since Tmobile didn't sell

          the phone and the imei# isn't in their data base to request one.


          This is all on Apple's policy.


          US Reseller Flex Policy |Official Apple Support Communities

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          • drnewcomb2

            What you've run into is Apple's "Reseller Flex Policy". This is an Apple policy, not a T-Mobile policy. The phone essentially locks itself to the first SIM used in the phone. It is terribly frustrating to everyone involved. The buyer thinks he's buying an unlocked phone, which then becomes locked to some SIM. T-Mobile knows nothing about the phone, never sold the phone, has no information on unlocking it and can't help the customer. Savy buyers always first insert a Verizon SIM because then the phone will be unlocked, buy you had no way of knowing that. If you had first inserted a SIM from Greenland, the phone would probably have locked itself to that carrier.


            Your complaint is not against T-Mobile, who had nothing to do with the deal or Apple's policy. Your complaint is against Apple and Bust Buy who sold the phone as unlocked.


            In the future, buy unlocked iPhones directly from Apple.

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              • kellycricca@hotmail.com

                My iPhone 8plus is locked by the TMobile, and I payed for the full price of the iphone !!!! I need unlocked to Use my chip from brazil

                • myiphone8s

                  Re: Iphone 8 Plus Locked by TMobile

                  I am mad at BestBuy. I went there and told them that I need an unlocked phone. 1. because I will travel to at least 3 different countries to visit my parents and sisters. 2. I do not want in the contract with any provider. Prepaid or pay as I go...

                  I asked the seller 3 times if it is locked. She told me, yes. Now my phone is locked.

                  Talk to Apple twice. They told me to talk to T-Mobile. T-mobile told me they have nothing to do with it. They told me to reset back to factory setting. I did and took me a while to do so. Then, of course, it did not work. I hate them all. I paid a full amount and asked for an unlocked phone.