Acworth, GA T Mobile Store Steals Turned in Phones


    I processed a gum on demand transaction at the Acowrth, GA store location. My turned in phone never made it from the store to the T Mobile warehouse. T Mobile charged me $200 residual purchase option even though I returned the phone. Employee in Acworth stole the phone. T Mobile will not refund my $200 even though the store confirms I returned the phone. T Mobile sucks!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Oh man magenta1643786 , this is just horrible to hear and I wanna get you some help for this. After your account was charged did you ever speak with the person at the store that took the phone from you when you returned it? We do have an escalation path that can be followed to track the phone. We'd need you to Contact Us so we can gather some info from you about the phone and send it to our internal teams to find it. My guess is that there's something going on with the shipping of the phone but once the device going to the right place. You can either give us a call or use the social media options on our contact us page.

          • magenta1643786

            Please I spoke to the store manager, Justin, he says it shows me returning the phone in their system. I spoke to customer relations and customer loyalty department dozens of times. I have 3 different ticket numbers and no answers. I am done with T Mobile. I went to the BBB and next I am going to At&T....BTW I heard this is a systemic problem within the T Mobile store fronts and people are getting fired left and right and T Mobile is aware of this practice but refuses to credit the customer for the fees paid relating to the stolen phones.

          • tmo_marissa

            Hey, magenta1643786. This is such a bummer to read; and definitely a very confusing scenario. If our retail team sees that the return was completed, I can't comprehend why you'd have a charge for the device after the fact! Do you recall how far along in your Lease you were when you completed the turn-in? I'm wondering if it's possible that you were 18 months in, and the residual was maybe already pending on the bill when the turn-in was completed?
            I know you mentioned that you've reached out many times to get to the bottom of this, and I'm sorry you've had to put so much effort out to get this resolved. You mentioned that you reported the incident -- you may be contacted outbound soon. If you'd like to reach out in the interim though, I definitely recommend working with our T-Force team via FB or Twitter. In those channels we can securely access your account and take a look; and they're usually super awesome with hunting down details for strange situations like this!


            - Marissa