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Switcher Offer Questions


    I switched to Sprint last year and my experience was terrible. I'm considering switch back to T-Mobile and get a iPhone X. I got a few questions.

    1. If I'd like to take advantage of switcher offer ( I have a device payment plan with Sprint so I do need switch offer to offset the charge from Sprint), may I join a family unlimited plan? I notice I can't switch to T-mobile and choose prepaid plan and "family plan with no credit check". May I join family plan with credit check? I have excellent credit and my friend has a spot need me to fill. I don't mind getting credit checked.

    2. How does the switch credit calculate? My GS8 has a small crack on the back panel (it's in perfect working condition elsewhere). Does this affect me to switch?


    Thank you!

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Switcher Offer Questions

        I've heard of trade-ins getting hit really hard over what the customers described as minor cosmetic defects, such as your crack. If you can afford to pay that S8 off, it should work pretty well on T-Mobile. You'd need to make sure Sprint gives you a full domestic and international unlock, not just an international unlock.

          • jason_king6

            Re: Switcher Offer Questions

            Tmobile doesn't specify the rules.


            For Verizon, you trade in your current device receive the trade-in credits. Then you submit your final bill from previous carrier, the credit offered for this part is ETF or Device payments minus trade-in credits you received. For this case, your final credit = trade-in credits + ETF/Device payments - trade-in credits. Even your trade-in device has poor condition it doesn't affect your overall switching credits.


            Also It's not an option for me to pay it off myself. The remaining payments is a pretty large number. Also they charge $120 if I wanna pay off the phone early.

              • drnewcomb2

                Re: Switcher Offer Questions

                Yeah. All I can say about trade-ins is that, "Ya' pays ya' money and ya' takes ya' chances." A number of people have also complained about being burned by the moisture detector, when they swear the phone's never been near water. The problem is that it's too late to say, "Never mind. Give me my phone back." Once you turn it over, you're at their mercy. If they don't like any little thing, they can ding the trade in value and I mean really ding it hard.

                • tmo_amanda

                  Re: Switcher Offer Questions

                  Hey, jason_king6!


                  drnewcomb2 has provided some helpful info and I'm happy to answer your questions but I have a few myself.

                  1. Yes, you can join a family plan as long as it's not prepaid or no credit check (as you mentioned).
                  2. Since your GS8 is damaged, you won't receive any trade-in value.


                  Questions I have for you:

                  • The Sprint Switcher offer is no longer valid. Instead, we have our Carrier Freedom offer available. When you were previously with T-Mobile, did you take advantage of Carrier Freedom or a similar offer? If you did take advantage of this and have the same phone number, you won't be eligible for Carrier Freedom again on that specific line.
                  • What type of lease option do you have with Sprint? Is it Easy Pay, lease with purchase option, or lease without purchase option?
                    • jason_king6

                      Re: Switcher Offer Questions

                      Hey Amanda,

                      1. I never take advantage of switch offer from any carrier. That's why I got a bit confused this time when I try it.

                      2. I'm on a lease with purchase option with Sprint. My Galaxy S8 has about 10 remaining installment payments.


                      It's fine to receive no trade-in value. Since I only care about whether you could cover Sprint's final bill ( the remaining device payment bill ). After talking to a sale's agent, he has assured me I could switch and take advantage of the Carrier Freedom offer, so I've purchased the iPhone X under my friend's Tmobile One plan.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Switcher Offer Questions

                  Hey there, jason_king6! Just wanted to check in with you and see if you'd had a chance to read over Amanda's reply and questions above. We'd love to get a few more details from you about your situation with Sprint and your history with T-Mobile so we can make sure we're steering you in the right direction!


                  - Marissa