I am now regretting moving from Verizon...


    So after moving 4 lines from Verizon about 1 month ago, we have had issues with our BYOD phones missing texts, calls etc. I expected a few hiccups as these were Verizon branded phones. It got to the point that I needed to get our phones working so I went in on the BOGO Samsung deal. That was the easy part (other than getting charged a $20 'upgrade support' fee for not upgrading a phone).


    I called customer service about ordering a Galaxy S8+ and they again wanted to charge the fee (I was purchasing a new phone to replace my Verizon Note 5). Got over to the retention department and was able to get the 'upgrade support fee' waived along with free shipping. Here is where it gets interesting...I checked the order status and the individual in the retention department placed the order on the wrong line. The order was placed as an upgrade to one of the BOGO devices that I got just 10 days ago (concern here is that the rebate card will be rejected). I called in to see if this could be corrected, but since it was already marked as 'shipping' nothing could be done to stop shipment of this device. I was told that I would have to reject the shipment of the device through UPS, wait for the money to be returned to me (2 - 3 weeks), and then reorder the phone. I was expecting to get this device this week, now I have to wait even longer for this to happen. I am not about to shell out another $200 dollars (down payment and taxes) to get another device while I wait for my refund. I spent the better part of 3+ hours on the phone today trying to get this fixed with no quick resolution. I was offered a bill credit, but that will not help me get the device and refund any sooner.


    I am at the point of returning the two Galaxy S8 phones and cancelling our service and moving back to Verizon. I don't want to do this as our service was very expensive, but at least they know how to run a customer service department efficiently and effectively. I never had this level of ineptitude from a customer service department before. If this is how T-Mobile runs customer service, I am afraid what the future holds.


    I was a T-Mobile customer prior to moving to Verizon way back when it was VoiceStream for I believe about 15 years. I only left because our phones would not work in our home and at that time, and T-Mobile wanted me to invest over $200 dollars on a cellular hotspot, so Verizon got my business. I left Verizon because of the outrageous fees that were being placed, but it's almost looking better to go back to now.


    My trust in T-Mobile has been eroded already, and I have only been a customer for a little more than 30 days.


    Anybody have similar experiences or suggestions?

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      • nelfar212

        Re: I am now regretting moving from Verizon...

        So I've been with TMO since 2007, perhaps I can help. first let's clear up terminology issue 1st, T-moble no longer does Phone "upgrades" per say as the devices are no longer subsidized . Phones can be purchased either at full price anytime or financed via the equipment installment plan "eip".  Ok now to exact issue, as long as you meet the requirements of the BOGO promotion your rebate will be approved. For example; I had 7 lines on my account 4 voice line and 3 data devices. So I took advantage of the NOTE 8 BOGO, which requires 1. Pay applicable deposit for BOTH devices $210 x2 plus tax came to $606(in your case, I'm not sure of the dep amount of the S8+), both devices "MUST' be placed on "EIP" . 2. Be on an eligible rate plan, Simple Choice, or TMO ONE. I'm on simple choice plan. 3. Add an extra line. .. As long as these conditions are met, your eligible to receive the rebate card. it doesn't matter which line actually uses the device, all that matters really is conditions 2, and 3 are met. My extra line is sitting for the moment, my wife plans on using it as a business line so as she orders her I-phone. My advice is call 611 and ask to speak with loyalty or solutions to confirm what I've told you. if the rep insist tell him or her the issue requires escalation and that he/she cannot help with your issue. Oh one thing I forgot add, you will be good no need to reject the shipment you have up to 30 days from purchase of 1st device to submit you rebate for the second device. Tmo is committed to provide us with excellent customer service, they do mess up from time to time however, they will fix the issue and then some. I won't go into to much detail, but the rep I spoke with today was in shock when she looked at was done to my account to rectify my experience with some customer service reps who forgot TMO mission statement. So yea, I'm a very happy TMO customer. I cannot praise everyone who worked diligently to fix my account enough.

        • tmo_lauren

          Re: I am now regretting moving from Verizon...

          Hey there! Certainly a lot going on here and I'm going to do my best to address everything.


          When upgrading, any time you upgrade over the phone with a rep there will be a fee, however, you can upgrade through the app or online without the fee! The fee for placing an order over the phone is more or less always going to be the standard unless a policy change is made, but like I mentioned, you have upgrade avenues without that charge.


          You rightfully have concerns about the rebate if the device was ordered on the wrong line, unfortunately. I wish there was a quick fix I could offer, without looking at the account I won't have the exact details of your options and eligibility, although it sounds like you may have been given the correct advice. For a quick look over of your options, I always suggest T-Force on FB or Twitter, they are great with one off situations and will be well equipped to explore any other options that may be available.


          That said, I do apologize for the hiccup with the line the device was ordered on and the lengthy return process. This isn't a common situation, or something we see often, so please don't expect this to be a norm!



            • jthomas28657

              The ultimate irony in this customer's situation is that he was charged an extra fee for placing the order by phone with the assistance of a real person who messed up  the order and caused the customer all kinds of grief. I feel sorry for him and think it's only fair for T-Mobile to refund the upgradeusupport charge and offer a goodwill refund of equal amount as an apology for the inconvenience caused by the inept handling of the order by T-Mobile's employee. NOW THAT would be "un-carrier".

            • magenta6175452

              I happened on this post and just had to reply.  I was a long time Verizon wireless customer 20+ years.  I moved 4 lines at the beginning of the year and could not be happier I did.  Got a good deal on phones and a good price on service.  I had an issue when purchasing my phones from T Mobile and was put in contact with the solutions department.  The solutions department handled everything without any problems.

                • magentatechie

                  That's awesome! I know T-Mobile is glad to have you aboard! I'm also glad that solutions was able to help you out.  Now that we have Team of Experts, you have a dedicated team with Account, Messaging, and Tech experts who will be taking your call if you ever need to reach out for account specific support.


                  If you have general questions or need troubleshooting on a phone or other device, feel free to hit us up here! We'd love to help out should you ever need!