Family Where - TMobile Please read


    Hey TMobile,


    I tried the family where apps on both IOS and Android.   I can write you a much better application.   Web & Mobile products by myself in very little time.  This one doesn't work.   I have 10 years experience in the mobile realm.    I've wrote many fortune 500 applications.   Let me contract for you and get that one up and running using my arsenal .    Does it currently only use triangulation from towers?


    Itis a sad excuse for a feature.   With all the child abductions in the news.   It might be a good idea to have a feature that works. 


    Email me or text me at my account if your interested.  FamilyWhere for Android is sad.   I haven't once been able to locate a phone in the browser and from Android, I resolve my IOS device to half the state of WI.

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