DIGITS Line Identifier


    Hello Folks, I have seen many posts here where fellow members have complained that DIGITS is missing the line identifier and they are not able to identify to which the call is coming and they regret moving their line to DIGITS. Its an issue I agree and needs a resolution. But for the time being I am requesting to be patient while DIGITS people work on this. Based on my recent conversation (I am not at a liberty to say specifically with whom), here is the explanation of the issue.


    DIGITS app that you download from the Play Store or App store is called Over The Top or OTT app.  This means that it is NOT integrated into the system OS ROM and works on top of the System OS. Samsung devices starting from S6, LG devices starting from G5 have DIGITS baked into the system OS as all of us know.


    Now, when calls come to a Samsung or LG device with in-built DIGITS and when a call comes to a generic Android device or iPhone with DIGITS app installed, it is handled differently from OS perspective. In case of SAMSUNG or LG device, since DIGITS is baked in, the line identifier that is associated with the incoming caller ID is identified properly and displayed on the screen. Hence there is no problem.


    In case of generic Android phone or iPhone, with Minutes and DATA mode, calls are essentially forwarded to your SIM number. Hence when the call comes to your device, it can be capture by either the native dialer of the phone or the DIGITS app which has the line enabled. Now there is a RACE condition between native dialer and the OTT DIGITS app. Since native dialer is baked into the system ROM, it captures the call much faster than the OTT DIGITS app and hence at that point it shows as if the call is coming to the SIM number although it is actually coming to DIGITS number. The OTT app cannot overwrite it. Now if yo u have a contact setup in your phone book, you will NOT be able to see the line identifier. If its a number which is not saved in phonebook, there is a possibility you may be able to see the line identifier. This is a sketchy situation.


    Now consider the DATA only mode. In this case the incoming calls are exclusively handled and captured by the DIGITS app and Native dialer has nothing to do with it. Hence, all of you folks see that in DATA mode, DIGITS can identify the line to which call is coming.


    The ideal solution to this problem is to get DIGITS baked in Android (like wifi call got baked) and in iOS. To me, baking in Android seems plausible but not the later one given Apple's tight control. Nevertheless, thats not the excuse. The engineers need a way to resolve the RACE condition which sounds easy but anyone with idea of software hardware interaction will be able to understand that its one of the trickiest issue out there. So the solution may not be available in near future as well.


    This is just my 2 cents and summary of the discussion I had.


    I am tagging tmo_evan tmo_chris tmo_marissa to comment further on this. Hope this will explain the scenario to many of you in a layman's term.