SimplyPrepaid with Can/Mex Data - no service, tech support fail


    Paid $55.75 for a full roaming plan to go to Canada last week.  LTE and phone good in US.  In Canada can call and text US phones.  No canada number texting, and NO DATA.  Nothing in Vancouver, Toronto or Ottawa.  No 2g, 3g no LTE.  Phone is sony z3 compact.  Has worked fine on Telus, Bell and Rogers in past.  If I swap out the Tmobile sim for a Canada carrier I get LTE full blast.


    On the phone with 12-15 different Tmo tech people over the first 5 days.  Try settings, registering on all partner networks.  No data, just R(oaming)  Some T-mo tech says provisioning not properly pushed to Canada partners.  T-mo "works" on it all week.  Meanwhile I'm stuck in traffic with no map data.  I throw in the towel after the 15th "support" person and get a Canadian SIM.  Full blast LTE finally.  I tell Tmo they took my money and didnt deliver.  Need to cancel and refund $55.75.  Phone support says they agree but I need to go into store.  Go into store back in US.  They refuse to help.  What a runnnnnaround TMOBILE!!!   You got the Mastercard charge done quickly didnt you?  But service and tech help was a joke.  I have a second Tmo plan that wont allow Can/Mex roaming, but thinking I will dump this company.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        This is really disappointing to hear dudefrompdx , but we really wanna help as best as we can, and hopefully turn this around for you. Are you still roaming right now? What's the other phone plan and phone you're using that needs help with the data? Are you getting any error messages? Please keep us updated so we can try to assist.

        • dudefrompdx

          It turns out that the t-mo twitter heads give the best service.  After recounting all the gory details and debugging the "tech support" dudes tried a refund/credit was granted yesterday - a few days after I got back to the States.


          Now, it took being handed off 6 times over the course of 180 minutes on twitter DM to get this done.  Interesting service model T-mo!


          What never was resolved to my satisfaction was "what caused the lack of service, and if I sign up again and go north will it happen again"?


          The good news is that At&t offer the same thing for 10 bucks cheaper!  So it seems not worthy to roll the dice again on Tmo prepaid roamination in Canada even though it has worked out for me on past trips.


          Will keep my Tmo $30 walmart plan alive however as that is a pretty good deal and t-mo coverage in the US is decent given the price.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Sorry it took a bit to get you help, but I did want to make sure this got resolved for you. As for what happened, it could be a few things. My guess is if your account was set up properly and all troubleshooting was done on the phone, there may have been something off with your connection while you were there. That normally results in a Trouble Ticket that our engineers workout on the back end. Ideally, we'd like it to be smooth sailing when you're in the states or traveling abroad, but we know that's not always the case. So, we have steps we can take when the service isn't working so great that can help. As you mentioned before, it worked in the past, so having trouble isn't something you should expect every time you go. I am glad to hear you're keeping the service and our T-Mobile teams will do the best we can to make sure we keep your service working.