Black Friday promo is a Fraud ....CEO please Help .....


    Dear Mr. Legere,

    I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for the last four years. Last year 2016 T-Mobile launched a Black Friday promotion to exchange an iPhone 6 in excellent conditions for the new iPhone 7. I decided to take advantage of this promotion as the customer service agent indicated that I would not need to pay any additional fees for making this switch. From November 2016 to August 2017 I have been receiving a credit of $27.09 on my bill as part of this promotion. However, for the last two months, September and October, T-Mobile stopped crediting this amount on my bill and I have had to call and explain this problem to the agents, who have manually credited this amount. On the current bill for the month of October, I received a call from T-Mobile saying that to continue receiving this credit I would need to change to a plan with full data, which increases my bill by $50.00. Failure to switch my plan will result on me now having to pay this additional amount of $27.09. As I mentioned in the beginning, an additional charge for this promotion was not part of the terms that I agreed last year when I signed out for this promotion. It is unfortunate that T-Mobile is not able to keep the agreements that they sell to their customers and now are basically forcing me to increase my plan to keep a benefit that was given under other terms. Not only that T-Mobile does not stick to their words, but the customer service is extremely poor. Every time I call I have to explain the situation all over again to the agents and I get transferred to different people who do not care for their customers and either hang up the call or tell me that they will call me back and nothing happens. If the only solution to continue receiving this credit is to change to a different plan that will increase my bill by $50.00 then I will rather move to another carrier that is serious about their promotions and that show care for their customers. I am requesting to continue receiving my credit as I agreed from the beginning. If my voice is not heard thru this media I will reach out to the BBB Better Business Bureau and complain about this because what T-Mobile is doing is simply not right and I want other people to know not to do new business with this company. I hope to hear back from you or your team soon.



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