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    Is there anyway to forward my calls from one of my DIGITS T&T number to my SIM number? Basically I am using a very basic phone with my SIM card in it but I want to forward my calls of my work DIGITS T&T number to my personal SIM number. Please let me  know.

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: Call forwarding in DIGITS

        Little google search... 


        I believe we implemented these, so you can go into the DIGITS app and then dial the code and it should work for your DIGITS T&T number.

        All that said, I don't know the last time anyone actually tested this, so I've got my fingers crossed.


        **61*PhoneNumber#Turn on forwarding if no reply (CF NRY) to a number.
        ##61#Turn off forwarding if no reply.
        **62*PhoneNumber#Turn on when not reachable (CF NRC).
        ##62#Turn off call forwarding when not reachable.
        **67*PhoneNumber#Turn on call forwarding when busy (CFB).
        ##67#Turn off call forwarding when busy.
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        • skunkarific

          Re: Call forwarding in DIGITS

          I also need to learn how to do this or if it's possible. I may have to change carriers if not. Have recently signed up for an answering service and need to forward my number to them.

          • blackdawg

            Re: Call forwarding in DIGITS

            As no one has come up with an answer here in this forum, I will let those who look for an answer here on the forum know, that YES it is possible to forward the Digits line to another phone number, however no way for the T-Mobile customer to do it, you have to go through the hassle of contacting customer service tech support for the Digits phone lines. ( Calling Customer service, wait several min, then explain what you want to do, get put on hold while they transfer you to someone else, about 3 or 4 times, explaining to each person what you want to do and repeating your account verification information to each person.) Then they can forward the number from their end.