Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular Activation issues on Family Plan


    If you are on a Family Plan and need to activate your Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular connection you need to keyin last 4 digit of the Primary account holder's socials. Even if you are one of the authorized users on the Family Plan T-Mobile still expects the Socials of the primary account holder.

    What is the sense of having the concept of authorized user if one still needs Socials of Primary account holder.

    An email or call from the Primary account holder is not enough to activate your cellular connection on the watch. One has to manually key in the socials of the Primary account holder in the watch.

    Not everyone is in a position to share the social... and ideally one should NOT.

    This is not the case when you buy your watch directly from T-mobile. Then your cellular activation is done by T-mobile itself. So it seems like there is a workaround but not if you buy the watch directly from Apple.

    I have visited the store spent endless time with Customer Care reps and the only solution provided to me is to get the Socials from my Primary Account holder and key in my device.

    If this is the last resort from T-mobile I guess I will have to find a different Service Provider for me. What is more astonishing is Apple having partnered  with providers who do not have a practical and holistic approach of getting things done. This is the first time I have had an issue with any of my Apple device; that too because of a 3rd part intervention. Otherwise Apple Products were always very seamless to setup and get running !!!

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