In my area why isn't the S5 (unlocked AT&T) a compatible phone?


    I was checking T-Mo coverage in my neck of the woods. I get a FAIR coverage of 4G LTE signal. At the bottom I can check a list of compatible phones for the 1900 MHz signal. I have the above phone. Why isn't this phone on the list? It does receive the 1900. Lately the 4G LTE has been mainly showing, but sometimes the Edge logo will show. This isn't a problem, because the phone is used for calls only. Just asking?

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      • snn555

        When you say your phone is unlocked that just means is not locked to AT&T anymore that doesn't mean it is fully compatible with T-Mobile's Network. The reason you see LTE sometimes is because you have two of the three bands in that phone that work with T-Mobile. Note you are missing at least band 12. Most people on T-Mobile's Network run off of band 4 for the most part so your LTE should you ever decide to use it should be at least mainly usable. As far as 3-g and 2G goes 3-g is being phased out and 2G is being used for low demand devices such as the internet of things like thermostat home control Etc. For someone who is only going to use their device for phone calls you should be just fine. As stated before if you ever decide to use the phone for anything other than phone calls you're probably going to run into compatibility issues with data. But that would explain the main reason why you see 2G and Edge which are basically the same thing.  It used to be that the same phone with different model numbers on different carriers would share a minimum of bands and frequencies whereas newer phones include many more bands and frequency compatibility. For a phone that is 4 years old you would not find the same flexibility as you would in a newer device.

        • drnewcomb2

          As long as you're in a market that has good GSM or UMTS 1900, the phone is compatible. If your location has thin GSM and no UMTS or UMTS 1700, then it will be not so good a phone.

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