Problem switching from Verizon to T-mobile. S7 Edge Resolution APN Settings.


    Hey guys, I went through hell the past couple of months while moving over from Verizon to T-Mobile. Verizon said, "All their phones are unlocked," but really they leave a ton of malware on the phone so that it becomes impossible to use after the transfer. Needless to say, I ended up working with T-Mobile to find an epic resolution. I Played around with the APN. MMS started working but nothing else really. Verizon said that because Verizon is on a different Network the phone would not work--which makes no sense, because i'm not trying to access their network. I eventually prepared to sell my new S7 Edges due to this message, but before that I decided to give it one last try. I seriously played around with the APN. Finally, it seems, I came to a resolution. The following apn worked for me. Incoming calls and outgoing, from the get go.


    The significant difference is the Network mode being Global and Network Roaming was set to IPv4/IPv6 as opposed to the default IPv4


    Network Mode




    T-Mobile US LTE





    Not set



    Not set



    Not set



    Not set


    Server not set



    Multimedia message proxy

    WAP 2.0


    Multimedia message port

    Not Set







    Authentication Type

    Not set


    APN protocal



    APN roaming protocal





    Mobile virtual Network type


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      • tmo_amanda

        thematrix, thanks a million for taking the time to post the settings you used on your Verizon S7 Edge to get it working properly on our network. I'm sure others may run in to the same issue and we'll be sure to point them towards your thread!


        I'm happy to hear that all is well now!

        • drnewcomb2

          While Verizon's phones are required to be unlocked out of the box, thanks to rules the FCC attached to the 700 MHz auction, they do still go out of their way to cripple their phones to make them hard to BYOD away from Verizon. The exceptions are Apple and Pixel products.

          • magenta3515135

            This is definitely an extremely unpleasant experience. My husband and I both have Samsung S7 from Verizon. We switched to T-mobile in September 2017 and experienced calling/receiving call/SMS issues during the first two weeks.  T-mobile and Verizon kept bouncing us back and forth. We finally escalated the issue to a more knowledgeable T-mobile tech support, he adjusted the APN and everything went well locally.  Last Saturday we traveled to Las Vegas with family. Both of us went through hell again since we cannot call/receive calls and SMS. No wifi calling. The text messages were delayed and sometimes were not able to receive. The T-mobile logo disappeared in the top left-hand corner. All outbound calls either dropped or had such poor quality that no one understood what we are talking, so we cannot even contact customer service properly. All inbound calls went directly to our VM. Every customer support were trained to say no worry, they will be able to help us.  They asked us to perform basic troubleshooting steps such as on/off, ##004#, ##21#, or to ask us to change to a T-mobile device which we do not have, when they failed, they then pushed the ball back to Verizon, stating a disclaimer that those were third-party phones, we can either buy two new T-mobile phones or switch back to Verizon. T-mobile trashed our trust, wasted our time and efforts. During the trip, including the long wait time to contact a representative, I spent over 10+ hours on the phone/chat to communicate the issue with "zero" result. Can you imagine the frustration between all our family members during the trip? When we passed the Nevada border back to California, both of our phones were back to normal.  We can call/receive calls/send SMS. After reading so many people were having the same issue, I think T-mobile should improve their services and technical support for customers.  It is unacceptable for a customer to travel with disrupted, unreliable national wide service at a location with good coverage as T-mobile advertised. It is also T-mobile's responsibility to resolve this ongoing issue since their store representatives told us at the beginning that as long as our phones are unlocked, we can switch to T-mobile from Verizon without any problem. Until today, we are still waiting for the customer service representative to contact us as they stated. We are traveling to other states very soon, we are so frustrated and debating what we should do.

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                I had the same problem transferring a phone from Verizon to T-Mobile with my Samsung S7 and struggled for over a week before I decided to try this solution.  I had tried the other options posted: (correct APN settings, GSM network, etc. – you have to do those as well) but I still couldn’t get the phone to work like a phone. I could get MMS and SMS with no problem. Data service worked well, and I could make a phone call but only on the Edge network, not 3G or 4G. I could not receive any phones calls – they went right to voicemail. I have to say that T-Mobile support, both over the phone and in the local store tried very hard to solve the problem but the source was not something they could have resolved.  The support was way better than anything I received from Verizon.

                The problem with this transfer is that Verizon must have done something in their version of the OS (I had 6.0, Marshmello) that prevents registration in another network.  The phone was technically unlocked but that doesn’t mean the OS would work well. Thus, the solution is simple: install a non-Verizon distributed version of the OS.  I chose to upgrade to Nougat (7.0).  I had also previously done a factory reset. I am not sure if this is necessary, but it did free up a lot of space by getting rid of useless apps. You will, however, have to relogin to every app. Google does do a good job of remembering which apps you have, though.

                Fortunately, you can use SmartSwitch from Samsung to install the upgrade from your computer.

                Steps to follow

                1. (Optional): Factory Reset of phone. Not sure if this is necessary.
                2. Download SmartSwitch from Samsung to a computer with a USB port.  Install the app and start it. Go to More>Preferences>Software Update
                3. Connect to your phone. Be sure to use a Samsung approved USB cable. It won’t work without one.
                4. Select your phone in SmartSwitch and start the update. It will take a long time. I did it overnight, so I am not sure how long it actually took.
                5. Restart your phone.
                6. Your phone should work.

                Good luck.

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