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    Due to my family deciding to close our joint account I opened an account in my name and assumed responsibily for my phone numbers. I should note that it took no less than 30 phone calls and 4 hours to accomplish this simple task. I then contacted sales as this was a new account and I wanted to take advantage of the deals for new phones for new lines of service. I was told after being transfered 6 times hung up on 5 times that these don't count as new lines of service.

    I have been a customer since the voice stream days of t-mobile, about 15 years. During that time I have seen treatment of existing customer continually go further and further down the drain. I was prepared to make a purchase of over $1000 for new phones for all the new lines that had transfered over. Customer service was terrible I was lied to, laughed at, and hung up on. One example is the CSR said " you need to speak to department 'X' can I transfer you now" yes I say. She say here is the direct line for that department. I write it down and repeat it back to her. She says I will tranfer you now. The line goes dead. So I call the number. It's for the medic alert line. Is this cute? Is this funny? NO and NO! This is total and complete disrespect. Do you think that jerking around long time customers is a way to preserve business value? Time for any other company to gain a valuable long time customer.

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      • snn555

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        Technically a line that is active that just assumes it's own account is not a new line. Meaning it is not a new customer. TMobile has not gained another subscriber they've just moved one line off of a joint plan. I can see why a transferred line may not count as a new account.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Account Disaster

          Hello, darkshark, and thanks for posting.
          I know that at this point the correct explanation about the difference between a new account with existing lines vs. a new line on a new or existing account has been offered, but there really is no good reason that you should have had such a tough time getting this answer -- that is a huge shame. It sounds like we passed you around without reason, and I am truly sorry to read that. We never want you to feel disrespected, and the experience you're sharing about having the expectation that you were being transferred, only to have the call disconnect, is a big all drop.

          We appreciate the feedback, and while at this point there aren't exceptions for the Change of Responsibility process for any of our current rebates or promotions, I would like to collect a little more information from you regarding the number you were given and subsequently dialed to make absolutely sure there isn't a lapse in our content somewhere that caused this errant call. I'm going to send you a private message, if you'd be so kind as to take a look in your inbox in a few moments, I would appreciate your insight. Thank you again.


          - Marissa