Tmobile are scammers


    I can not wait to change pgone carriers. I habe been pretty happy with tmobile until now but I recently discovered I had charges on my bill that I shouldn't have from a balvk friday deal I had recieved. Last year during black friday promotions I bought two samsung galaxy 7s. I did not know if was black friday so I was pleasantly surprised when the associate told me I was getting " wireless stand up charger and screen protectors FOR FREE." I would never buy these accessories because in my mind they are not needed. So very angered today when i realized I have been getting charged for them monthly. I called customer service this am and was told to go to the store and they couldn't help me. The associate at the store told me "accessories are never free and we word it so it sounds like it's free when it is bundled." So TMOBILE LIES TO THEIR CUSTOMERS and the associate said so. Anyone else run into this? I will not be a customer once my 2 years is up

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      • tmo_amanda

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        Hey, babelcandycorn!


        I'm truly sorry that the bundle offer wasn't made clear to you when you purchased your phones on Black Friday. While those accessories are super awesome, it sounds like you may not have chosen them had the offer been transparently presented. If you have the store information available, I can definitely pass feedback along so this doesn't happen to others in the future. As for what can be done on your account, since it has been almost a year, those charges likely cannot be disputed. The only thing we can recommend is to get in touch with our T-Force team via Facebook or Twitter to see if any other options are available. You can Contact Us here.

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          Not sure how long you've been a customer, contact cust care and request to speak with someone in the loyalty dept maybe there is something they can do for you I'm not sure.. I will say this Tmo does try to make things right by us. however you need to beware of the charges on your acct. this information can be obtained via the online account services or by calling 611. So sometimes we as the customers are to blame by not staying on top of things, I'm very satisfied with Tmo because I ask a lot of questions.     

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              well when an associate tells you that they omit information on purpose to make a sale I don't feel that makes a trustworthy company. Never had this problem with Sprint so I think I will just go back but thank you for your input