Why, oh why doesn't TMobiles website let me spend $1,000 on a new phone?


    I have been trying for several days to upgrade my old Samsung (paid for in cash long ago) to a new iPhone 8 Plus (also to pay in full up front).  Besides the fact that the website keeps booting me out or freezing in the middle of an order, in those rare occasions I finally get to almost the end of placing the order, it gives me NO option for adding a new SIM starter kit to be sent with my new phone, in spite of telling me I need one (duh - they're different sizes) and it would be added automatically (it's not).  This happens both when trying to navigate TMobile's painfully slow and glitch-prone websites on several different computers as well as my cellphone and iPad.  There is also apparently no way to separately order the SIM starter kit online.  Insultingly, whenever it fails to go through the process and I have to start all over again, it tells me I have an order in process and asks if I really, really want to override that order, but it gives me no way at all to get back to that in-process order and forces me to start again and deal with this mindnumbingly stupid screen each time.


    Will someone please fix your website?  I have given up trying to upgrade for now.  I have no interest in speaking with a phone rep, most of  whom also tend to be annoyingly slow.  It's easier not to spend the money.

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