Branched from an earlier discussion.

Can't pay bill on MyTmobile


    I just went through the same nonsense with the bill pay online. Pale Moon (FX type clone) would not input cc# right, and SRW Iron (Chrome clone - no Google either) wouldn't do customer name, but did take payment. Refreshing Iron page finally showed a 0 balance.


    I did get the auto generated receipt as soon as I sent payment. I've printed and filed it.


    I resolved this to my satisfaction but if someone could PLEASE tell me why the scripts for entering text aren't vetted better before putting them online for general use. This isn't the first time I've hit these snags, in fact, I still will NOT pay a bill online on a Monday.


    I don't want to sign up for auto bill pay.  Since I bought non-TMO phone outright, I don't want TMO app,  It won't run. I disable or delete 95% of Google.