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    • bornitz@yahoo.com

      Thanks Marissa. I have an appointment to take my iphone 7 in at 10am on Friday morning when the retail store opens in my area for them to inspect it and place the pre-order. I have been told at different locations that calling on the phone to place the order can be problematic and cause a mixup in the account since we have a family plan with several lines. It would be easiest for me to do it on the web at 12:01, but I was discouraged from doing so. My 7's in an Otterbox Defender and pristine, so I don't understand why I can't do it that way. Thanks.

      • tmo_marissa

        Ah, gotcha -- sorry to hear that you've heard negative feedback about working with our Care team! As long as we're clear about which order type we're placing, we should definitely be able to get a JOD pre-order completed for you without issue.
        That said, if working with the store is good for you, that's fine! Just please know you don't have to have the phone inspected in order to place your pre-order. It will be physically inspected when you visit the store later for turn-in, which is why we are able to offer placing JOD orders over the phone.
        Regarding the online/T-Mobile App ask; I understand the appeal of waiting with your finger on the button for 12:01 to hit. Our online system isn't set up for JUMP! On Demand orders at this point, and there isn't a way to take an upgrade order and turn it into a JOD order after the fact, so it's not a matter of concern about the device condition; it's just a system limitation. We expect (and rather love) the awesome energy of an iPhone launch, so we will have tons of staffing at 12:01 over the phone if you'd like to give us a call!


        - Marissa

        • tmo_marissa

          That's not a question we're able to answer universally at this point, magenta1658319, as it will depend on the store, the volume of devices received, and the volume of pre-orders placed. I will definitely bear this question in mind and circle back if we get more of an idea in the coming days, but to be super-safe with a highly anticipated device, we recommend pre-ordering (and if you're doing so on EIP, signing that EIP immediately) as soon as possible, since pre-orders are prioritized.


          - Marissa

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          • bornitz@yahoo.com

            Thanks so much for all the great info. Now I understand why I can't place the order online. If I were to call on the phone to place the order is there an additional charge for calling the care team? When I called last time. they said they would waive it as a courtesy, but there's normally a fee. I was also told that there would be free expedited shipping for all orders placed between Oct 27 and Nov 2nd or 3rd. I would much rather do it over the phone that drive over if possible, so can you confirm that there are no additional fees other than the down payment and taxes on the down?  Thanks again for all of your assistance.

            • tmo_marissa

              Happy to help, thanks for asking such great questions! The upgrade support charge or assisted service fee should be waived for customers completing a JUMP! to JUMP! or JOD to JOD order, so we've got you covered!


              - Marissa

              • bornitz@yahoo.com

                Thanks so much! I'll attempt the preorder over the phone and try to save a trip into the store. Thanks again!

                • leetucker

                  Aloha!  Thanks for the info!

                  Does the (up to) $300 credit apply to the JOD pricing?


                  • djyousef

                    Hi Amanda,


                    I have a galaxy note 8 i recieved a few months ago. I want to trade it in via JOD and pre-order the iphone x. What are my options?


                    611 ? If so, what time can i call CST



                    In Store



                    • magenta2992239

                      Will I be able to pre-order the new iphone x by calling T-mobile on friday at 12:01 PST??? As i will be adding a new line to my account??

                      • magenta2992439

                        Hello Team,


                        I have a question about the iPhone upgrade program with t-mobile. Let's say I pre-order a new iPhone X with t-mobile's iPhone upgrade program and pay off 50% by September 2018. I know that you will waive off the remaining payments but what I would like to know is if I go for a new iPhone model in September 2018 will I have to pay anything towards the new phone's EIP or down payment?

                        • magenta2992475


                          Just a few questions!


                          1. So my iPhone 6s was paid off recently.  I have absolutely no more debt and technically it's mine. I'm also on JOD.   Is the $300 off discount applicable towards me? 


                          2.  And if I don't apply for the discount, is the 256gb still $429 down and $30/month? 


                          Thanks for all your help

                          • roberto00g

                            How can I pre-order the iPhone X and add the JUMP on Demand to the account for this purchase?

                            • mistermet74



                              Just a quick question and advice.  Just switched over from Verizon and my wife has a fully paid off iPhone 6S that I'm planning to use toward a trade in.  I'm looking to order the iPhone X through the website at 3:00 AM EST on launch day 10/27 on either the EIP or the JOD programs.  I'll probably look to get her the 64 GB iPhone X.  Can you explain the underlying difference between the two programs? Ideally she'll want to upgrade to the new iPhone every year around this time and she wouldn't be interested in other phones, so September-October 2018 standard Apple upgrade timeline is fine.  Which of the two installment programs do you recommend, EIP or JOD?  THANKS!!

                              • magenta2993164

                                I'm planning on preordering an iPhone X from Apple on Oct. 27 and I'm a current T-Mobile customer. I'm going to pay full price for the phone - no financing. I have frozen my credit with the credit bureaus because of the recent Equifax breach. I have heard that even though I am not doing any financing for the phone, some carriers still require a credit check. Is this true for T-Mobile? I really don't want to unfreeze my credit, especially since it will cost me $30 to do that when I just paid $30 to freeze it in the first place. If a credit check has to be done, could you please let me know why.

                                • evrosado1

                                  Thank you tmo_marissa!!

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