Nokia 3310 US Version Compatibility with T-Mo Network


    Hi tmo_evan,


    As you already know Nokia 3310 is launching at US on 29th October 2017. And I am  super excited to see my college time phone back in business albeit in an augmented format. Nevertheless, I am getting one and I am pre-ordering it. A nostalgia lives by it. I have a question for you. I want to use it with my DATA with PAIRED DIGITS Beta Promo line. Can you suggest me if 3310 has got all the necessary 2G and 3G bands to support T-Mo network? Here is the screenshot of its Network frequency parameters from BestBuy website:



    Here is the link to the phone:



    Looking forward to your suggestion.

    tmo_chris tmo_marissa

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      • debjitjdv

        I think tmo_evan does not like me anymore. My apologies if any of my word has hurt you and if I have made any out of line comment.


        tmo_chris can you help me get answer for this question?


        Here is the link of the Nokia 3310 3G version product from Nokia's webpage.


        Nokia 3310 3G - for the originals | Nokia Phones


        Full Specs are available at the Full Spec tab.

          • tmo_evan

            debjitjdv nope... still here and still super happy that you're participating in the forum :-)


            Just been very busy lately and haven't had the opportunity to do a lot of things that I'd like to do including helping out here a bit more.


            As to the Nokia phone, it'll work but may not work consistently nor will it work for a very long term usage.  One of the key pieces is that it doesn't support LTE and we're moving everything as fast as humanly possible to LTE.  So while you may be in an area that has 3G or 2G coverage, it may just be for data and there may not be a voice bearer channel.  It's all going to depend on where you are and how the towers are configured in that area.


            All that said, I've been toying with buying one for myself purely for nostalgia so I can use it instead of my Moto Razr or one of the micro phones I have when I don't want to carry one of my smartphones

              • debjitjdv

                tmo_evan Thanks. I am glad to have you back in forum. With so many things going on, I can clearly understand how busy your schedule is.


                Regarding 3310, yes, I completely see your point. Without Voice Bearer Channel it wont be of much use as it wont be useful for 3G browsing with such small screen and limited browsing capability. Once things become all LTE which I believe soon, 3310 will be rendered useless.


                And as you said, the nostalgia matters as I do not want to carry my smartphone always and given DIGITS there, I dont see to carry it all the time. But I shall surely give it a thought to before I get one with your suggestion in mind.

                • debjitjdv



                  Yesterday went to Best Buy to see the Nokia 3310. Was feeling so nostalgic. But refrained myself from buying that since it has several technological shortcomings w.r.t T-Mo network as rightfully pointed by you. Also Best Buy told that there is a restocking fee of $35 (really for a phone of $59.99?) if the seal is broken if I try to return for incompatibility. I did not take the risk.


                  But I have a question for you again. Stupid question but I am curious technically:


                  As you pointed out that you folks are moving everything to LTE (including the voice bearer channel) and possibly paving the path for 5G. In my understanding voice will be heavily dependent on LTE eventually. Now if LTE collapses what is the failsafe here? I thought atleast keeping 2G voice bearer channel gives the fail safe, no? And if everything moves to LTE, then possibly you have to guarantee an uptime of 99.99%? Is that possible with the current infrastructure? What about older devices which does not have B-66 or B-71 support like S7 Edge? If they move to an area where LTE is on B-66 or B-71, they will not even have voice call facility as well. Is not it against the 911 policy? I mean you folks must have analyzed all of these in detail and went over again and again to make sure customer experience is not suffered. But in general I am curious about the technical aspect. If you can shed some light on this at a very high level in layman's term, that will be awesome.

              • drnewcomb2

                T-Mobile is moving rapidly to become an (almost) all LTE network. At this point in time, I would not consider buying a new phone that lacks LTE bands 2, 4 & 12. A minimal GSM service may hang on for a while mostly to support M2M applications. UMTS is going to be shoved around to whichever band allows LTE to be maximized, or dropped altogether if necessary.