A question re: BOGO and phone activation.


    Hey y'all. I just switched over to TMo and took advantage of the Samsung BOGO that was recently active until the 17th. I was wondering if I had to activate both Samsung devices and keep them both active in order to receive the BOGO. One of the devices (Note 8) is activated and will remain so on my wife's line, but I'd like to continue to use my old phone (perfectly usable LG G6) on my line and a hold on to the S8 that we purchased to possibly give to my daughter for xmas on a third line that we've yet to activate.


    My question is whether or not both Samsung devices have to be active in order for the rebate to process successfully. As best as I can read the terms, it does not need to be, and I meet all qualifications: 2 new lines of service which are active (both on ONE) and both devices are purchased on a TMo finance plan.


    I just wanted to make sure that I'm good to go. If not, I'll keep the S8 active, but I'd rather keep it free from my inevitable wear and tear for her.

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      • snn555

        Re: A question re: BOGO and phone activation.

        I believe as long as both new lines remain open and active you should be fine. You don't have to use that particular phone as you can use the phone you have you just had to get that phone with a new line of service. You can keep the Sim in your G6 you can also put your sim into the no date and take it back out again if need be.

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          • justin526

            Re: A question re: BOGO and phone activation.

            Hi snn555, that's the impression that I get from EVERYTHING that is available re: terms & conditions by what's on the website and what's presented to the customer. However, whenever I call in to the promotions department, they read me a completely different T&C which states that the devices must be activated on the lines.


            Here's a copy and paste of the T&C that appeared directly above the agreement button:


            2017 Q3 Samsung Galaxy BOGO Terms &


            Limited time offer; subject to change. Financing agreements for both devices, qualifying credit, and a new line of

            qualifying service required. Galaxy Note8: $210 down and $30/mo x 24, full pre-rebate price $930. Galaxy S8:

            $30 down and $30/mo x 24, full pre-rebate price $750; Galaxy S8 +: $80 down and $30/mo x 24, full pre-rebate

            price $800. 0% APR. Full tax on pre-rebate price for both devices due at sale. Rebate on device of equal or

            lesser value via Prepaid MasterCard® Card. This Card is issued by Sunrise Banks N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant

            to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard

            International Incorporated. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in the

            Cardholder Agreement. Cards will not have cash access and can be used everywhere Mastercard debit cards

            are accepted. Must be active and in good standing when card is processed. Allow 8 weeks.


            It seems pretty cut and dry, but maybe it's not. Anybody from TMo want to weigh in here?


            I guess they could say that the part where it says "must be active and in good standing" means that the devices have to be active, but the use of the words "and in good standing" seem to imply that it's the account and that "active" and "good standing" apply to the account. After all, the alternative is that it's alright for the account to be closed and in good standing.


            I usually wouldn't nitpick something like this, but $750 is the consequence of not getting this right. That's a decent chunk of change.

              • snn555

                Re: A question re: BOGO and phone activation.

                Active and in good standing means the account is active and paid up it does not refer to the device being active itself however if you feel you need to activate it like I said just put your current SIM into that phone and it will have been activated on the network then you take the Sim out and put into your current phone and be just fine.



            • tidbits

              Re: A question re: BOGO and phone activation.

              best to use the phone for at least up to the system showing it on your line.  Once that is complete then you can switch to whatever you want.  So far this has always worked for me for taking advantage of BOGO's

              • tmo_marissa

                Hey justin526! Thanks for asking, this is a good question. I scoured our internal promotion explanation and did find the caveat that in the scenario where an existing customer is adding a line in order to satisfy the promotion terms, the new line must be used with one of the qualifying devices. It doesn't look like we actually call out a difference for a scenario where both lines are new. I would assume that to play it safe, you'd want to follow tidbits' advice here, but I'm going to reach out and see if I can get an answer that takes us past "assumptions". I'll let you know what I hear back ASAP!


                - Marissa

                • nelfar212

                  Re: A question re: BOGO and phone activation.

                  Marissa I'm going to respectfully disagree, In order to satisfy the terms of the BOGO rebate, one must;

                  1. Activate new service, or add a line(AAL) to existing account.

                  2  Purchase Note 8, S8+, or S8 as first device, and purchase one of the three as the second device.

                  3. Both devices "MUST" be purchased and placed on finance agreement.   

                  So in speaking with 3 reps, they all concur as long as the three terms are met, then we are eligible for the rebate, and there's no stipulation that requires the device actually be used on with the line added to satisfy the promo. just that it has to remain activated, not be "canceled", and remain in good standing. While the rebate is processing. I can't speak to all plans but mine being that I'm on the SC actually allows TMO to recoup the cost of the phone $30 * 24mo = $720 + 210 = $930, it's actually good business practice for TMO being that many are adding lines that they may or may not need such as myself. I'm not complaining I rather that, than shelling out $1028 for a phone. 

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Good morning, justin526, and thanks for your patience!
                    I heard back from the colleague I reached out to, and after double checking with our Promo team he confirmed that both new devices need to be used on the account -- at least until the payout occurs. The way that our document's currently worded makes this a little tricky in your situation, as it's really more appropriately written for customers who are upgrading an existing line (and our assumption is that you'd upgrade with the intent to use the equipment on that line) and then adding a new line. In your situation, both lines are new; both devices need to be used.


                    nelfar212, thanks for this feedback. We're forwarding it on to make sure that the wording is more clear going forward, because misinformation like this could potentially cause issues with a customer's eligibility, so we want to know that we're all delivering the same accurate message. From the information I've received, the equipment must be used on active lines on a "current" account (meaning not past due, suspended, etc), and our internal policy does call out that one of them must be the new line that's added -- the other device can be used on any active line that's already on the account. You can give it a shot and you may get lucky; but that's not something we can guarantee based on the info we have and what we've heard back just now.


                    For everyone who's participated here, again let me thank you -- according to my colleague; we are already "taking feedback to the program leads so we can ensure we have simple fulfillment processes."

                    • tmo_marissa

                      Re: A question re: BOGO and phone activation.

                      WHOOP! justin526, I hope you didn't unwrap that device just yet! And nelfar212, thank you for giving me a reason to go back for more clarification!
                      This is what I just heard back from the contact I'd reached out to!


                      UPDATE: after additional investigation, we are 99.999% sure that SIM/IMEI validation isn't going to be part of this offer. What we know is required 100%, are the following items:

                      • required additional line added during the promo period
                      • additional line has the required EIP (financing agreement) w/eligible device
                      • additional line has the required rate plan (and data plan, if applicable)


                      This is definitely a win for your holiday plans, so thank you again for asking!


                      Edited to add that I will keep you all posted if I hear anything back about the 0.001% chance that our internal policy was correct in advising that the equipment had to be *used* on the new line(s) via the corresponding SIM, rather than just assigned via the financing agreement as soon as I get any word, but at this point, I've been encouraged to let you both know to carry on as you'd planned!

                        • nelfar212

                          Re: A question re: BOGO and phone activation.

                          Thanks for the update tmo_marissa, Yea I called back to verify after reading your 1st reply, what this shows is folks like you who work at TMO who are committed to making sure both the reps and customers have the right information, So thank you!!!! justin526 you are free to use the device on any of your active lines, I'm actually doing the same thing one of the Note 8's is on my line and the second Note 8 my daughter is using on her line, My NOTE 3 is using the new line of service I added for the promo. 

                          • magenta3394561

                            Okay, so I'm confirming again here.


                            So tmo_marissa  I'm a current customer, who took advantage of the BOGO.  I upgraded a line and added a new line.  So in may case, am I required to use the new device with the new line through the rebate qual period or can I use an older phone with the additional new line?  If I just let the second phone sit there until xmas (it's a present), would my rebate get denied?

                              • nelfar212

                                Even though the site doesn't indicate you have to. However, folks have been advised that at least one of the devices "must" be used with the added line for the rebate to be approved. My advice, if you plan on giving the second device away, just use the device you're using with the new line until you get your rebate card.

                            • magenta2626231

                              I was told I had to use the phone with the new line. so what I did I used the new phone with the ne number. Then I use digits to answer all my calls from my regular number. I then talk to T Mobile via private messenger, They looked into it and got it fix and I finally got my Rebate credit card for 930.00. which I use to pay phone off. You have to be checking the status of your rebate status every few days. In the event they denied start talking to them via messenger. The promotion department is the one that has to eventfully fix the issue.

                              • rchess

                                Re: A question re: BOGO and phone activation.

                                It would be nice to get a definitive answer here. It's important to me to keep the wrapping on the box so tmo_marissa can you please confirm if you have an update? Thanks.

                                  • magenta3394561

                                    Okay so here is my update.


                                    I upgraded a line and added a line using the Samsung

                                    BOGO on 11/28/17.


                                    When I received the phones.  Here is what I did.


                                    Upgraded Line: I used the new sim that came with

                                    the new associated S8 and activated, I was

                                    On my merry way.


                                    New line: I took the sim that came in the new phone box and

                                    Popped it into an old phone and activated the new line.

                                    Made one call and put the old phone away.  I did not touch the new phone as I wanted to gift it later.  The new phone that came for the new line was never used/activated.  I only activated the new line using an old phone.


                                    The rebate was filed on 12/1/17.

                                    Rebate got approved on 1/9/18.

                                    Waiting for it to be mailed.

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                                    • nelfar212

                                      Re: A question re: BOGO and phone activation.

                                      The definitive answer is one of the devices has to be used on the new line of service, this comes from the community support staff answered on a different thread. Even I wasn't aware of it when I 1st got my Note 8's because the promo terms doesn't specify newly purchased device must be used with the new line. I think, it shouldn't matter as long as the line is added and active It presented a pain had to swap imei's and sims after I found out that tidbit of information.

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                                      • tmo_marissa

                                        Re: A question re: BOGO and phone activation.

                                        Hey, rchess! Which BOGO are you participating in? Is it the same one that we're discussing in this thread, with the promo window from 9/1 - 10/17, or a different promo?

                                          • rchess

                                            Re: A question re: BOGO and phone activation.

                                            I’m referring to the Apple BOGO that is available now.

                                              • tmo_marissa

                                                Re: A question re: BOGO and phone activation.

                                                Gotcha! Yes, the ported in line required for eligibility for this promotion must be used with one of the new devices. Hopefully this helps a bit:


                                                New and existing postpaid customers, including T-Mobile for Business, who buy a new iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X can get another iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, or X on us (of equal or lesser value; $700.00 max value via rebate) when they:

                                                - purchase both on EIP

                                                - port in at least one line on a qualifying T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice Unlimited with unlimited high-speed data plan to use with one of the new devices

                                                - trade in at least one functional, paid off, eligible iPhone, LG, or Samsung device.