Help, TM-AC1900 Stopped after PWR outage


    I have a TM-AC1900 that has been a fantastic router for a while now.  The other night, we had a power outage that lasted about 20 seconds.  Just enough for everything to go out and reboot.


    Since then I've had spotty wifi.  I've reset the router multiple times and did a factory reset with the little button on the back as well.  What I get is good coverage for a few minutes, then the 2.4Ghz just disappears! Like it isn't there at all, then it pops back on its own.  Same with the 5Ghz.


      So the router can't be used to stream anything to a Roku or watch a short video on FB.  Nothing.


    Anyone have a solution, anyone else have a spotty Asus AC1900 after power outage?





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      • snn555

        Re: Help, TM-AC1900 Stopped after PWR outage

        To be clear are you certain that the router is at fault? Is it that you were losing internet or is it that the actual Wi-Fi is disappearing? I ask because a lot of times on my Android I will see the message that it has switched to mobile data because internet is not available via my router. I also have the same 1900 router. The problem in my case is my ISP is rather spotty itself. It's also possible that your modem has been affected. On my iPhone I noticed that TMobile WiFi will disappear and I will have no internet connection because iPhones don't automatically switch to mobile data when internet is unavailable by Wi-Fi.

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