ONE Plus plan interferes with native iOS features


    Recently moved from my old T-mobile plan to a ONE Plus one. I want many of the ONE Plus features, but this one in particular has been a pain since the switch:

    Plus, get Visual Voicemail and Name ID for voicemail-to-text and superior caller ID.


    What I've experienced so far:

    • Voicemail to text is quite annoying...
    • I continue to get native iOS VVM, but I no longer get the unread badge for voicemails I haven't yet checked
    • iOS caller ID / call blocking apps, like Hiya, no longer work with the caller ID features
    • Caller ID is (so far) vastly inferior to iOS provided caller ID


    I had no issues with my previous T-mobile plan, so I chatted 2 days ago to see about keeping my ONE Plus plan but disabling these features to return my VVM and Caller ID to a compatible state. The CSR informed me that they made the requested changes and to restart my phone for them to take effect. After 2 days, nothing changed.


    I just chatted with support to ask about the prior request and was told the following:


    With regards to your concern, I am afraid that the Named ID and Voicemail to Text features are bundled to the One Plus Data Plan as what it has been created. If you really like to remove it, you will need to remove the data plan.


    I see from this other thread that tmo_chris says it should be possible to remove these features without downgrading from ONE Plus. How do I proceed with making this request? Is there a second tier support number I can call or something to that effect?


    I prefer to keep ONE Plus, but this is annoying enough that the other features aren't worth the hassle of having T-mobile's VVM / VTT / Caller ID implementations interfere with iOS's native functionality. I'd rather downgrade and miss out on the other offerings of the plan.

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      • snn555

        Caller/Name ID doesn't actually work on iOS.  It's for Android only.

        Hiya can ID the call after you hang up, but not during.  All it can do is check the incoming number against your blocked list.

        T-Mobile uses Hiya for Spam/Scam Block.  T-Mobile is the one blocking the Spam/Scam calls.  Hiya does nothing in that regard as iOS does not allow.

        Apple VVM should be out of beta by now, was for me on 11.0.1.  I disabled T-Mobile VVM.  Turned it off in my account settings online/in-app. Badges work now.

        I am on ONE Plus.

          • magenta2960905

            You're right that Caller ID was after the fact, and I should have clarified that... That was actually the superior version for me. I preferred seeing the number and seeing the "scam likely" beneath the number while receiving the call. This made it clear that it wasn't a known number. Caller ID that T-mobile provides makes it seem like the number is saved in my phone, although the common ALLCAPS naming makes it clearer that it's T-mobile. That's not consistent though, as some Caller ID is normal casing. None the less, I still preferred how the Hiya interaction with iOS worked to the current T-mobile one, which was the point I was making.


            Also, what if I want to switch back to TrueCaller instead of Hiya? I don't have that choice now. What if a better one comes along? Why should I be forced into T-mobile's version instead of having the freedom of choice I had before? The fact that T-mobile uses Hiya behind the scenes is irrelevant.


            Apple's voicemail transcription was added in iOS 10... It's been working just fine on my phone for over a year now, prior to switching to T-mobile ONE Plus. Not sure what you're talking about with 11.0.1. For clarification, I am on 11.1-beta4. At first I thought this was an 11.1 bug, as I switched to ONE Plus around the time the beta came out.


            Oh and the point of making this post is that I was told there is no way to disable this (either VVM or Caller ID). I have searched through the T-mobile iOS app and through the T-mobile website and support has told me that it's an unchangeable part of the bundle. This toggle for VVM doesn't appear on my account anywhere, and I still have the case of wishing to disable Caller ID even if there is some hidden VVM toggle somewhere. I'd love a link or directions for finding this VVM toggle though.

          • snn555

            I found the toggle in the my T-Mobile app under usage and plans then tapped on my line and then tapped on managed services and I can enable and disable Visual Voicemail caller ID and several other things.

              • magenta2960905

                Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 6.10.21 PM.png

                Now that I've submitted to downgrade from ONE Plus to ONE, those options are listed as potential upgrades from the regular account. I can say with 100% certainty though that prior to submitting a downgrade on my plan, the Name ID and Voicemail to Text options weren't listed here. The only options were Device Block, Scam Block, Scam ID, and KickBack.


                Would love to hear from someone from T-mobile... It's really crappy that the ONE Plus bundle forces you into inferior options that conflict with iOS's native functionality and doesn't let you remove it. I travel a lot so the Gogo offering, HD streaming, and International upgrade is well worth $10/m alone, but the VVM / Caller ID is a dealbreaker.

                  • snn555

                    I'm sorry you were unable to make it work the way you had hoped.

                      • magenta2960905

                        You're not very helpful... Your responses in both this thread and the one I linked seem to indicate there's a way to get what I (and other users) are requesting...


                        "You don't have to remove one plus you just need to remove Voice Mail to text."

                        "You should never have to make a plan change to make a feature change when that feature is included with that plan. You should only have to make a feature change on a plan."

                        "Turned it off in my account settings online/in-app. Badges work now. I am on ONE Plus."



                        Yet when it's pointed out that we're being told differently by support and not seeing these options in our accounts, you get condescending about it...


                        "I'm on ONE Plus. My VVM works. VM to text is not active on my account. You're welcome."

                        "I'm sorry you were unable to make it work the way you had hoped."



                        So which is it? The option should be there, or sorry too bad it's not there? This just sours the experience with T-mobile even more. It's not very helpful and leads to far more confusion. I'm still not sure if you just aren't actually on a ONE Plus plan, or have some weird grandfathered in options I don't have, or there's something else happening to allow you to toggle settings that others want to toggle but can't.


                        Would love to hear from a T-mobile Community Manager to better understand my options. Chris's comments in the other thread indicate that there should be an option to disable these things.

                          • snn555

                            In this thread as well as other threads I have only tried to be helpful by relaying my own experience being on a plan such as that with options such as those. All I know is that I have 1 + and have used iPhones and Androids on that same plan. On my iPhone I use Apple's visual voicemail and I have it disabled on my account. As far as caller ID is concerned iOS does not allow caller ID apps to work in real time. I was only ever able to get hiya to work after I had hung up. It would block calls that I had placed in my block list and TMobile version of caller ID does not work with iPhone such as it does with Android. It only serves to let you know that scam or spam is possible or likely. The feature which is free on T-Mobile automatically blocks if you have your settings set to do so and will notify you if it is a scam or spam if you have elected to be notified but not blocked.


                            As it stands to reason that you should be able to change the features within a plan without changing plans unless there is a plan outside of the one you have that offers features and options for which are not included with the plan that you have.


                            I was not being condescending I was attempting to end my part of the conversation because I was unable to add any further information so that your request would be successful. The reason that I had success at the time was because TMobile system and Apple's system did not play well together. Instead of having duplicated features one from the operating system and one from the network operator I elected to decide to use one or the other not both in an effort that there would not be conflict.


                            I hope that that explanation reiterates in Greater detail what I said previously. I hope you are able to find the answer you are looking for however I cannot explain as to why you do not have the option that I have.

                    • tmo_marissa

                      Hey, magenta2960905. This is an all around bummer -- it stinks that this portion of the ONE Plus package isn't working for you, and that we misinformed you initially about splitting the features off, and that there's a thread here where it's not clear that this isn't an option. For his part, I know snn555 really does mean well with the suggestions he's offered. I'm sorry to say, though, the folks you spoke with last on our Care/Tech team were correct. With ONE Plus, there's no option to choose services or deactivate certain items. NameID, Voicemail to Text, etc -- they're all provisioned as a bundle, and right now there isn't a way in our system to split features.
                      We'll clarify the answer on the other thread you linked to as well. I can definitely see why this added more confusion -- it looks like we were speaking to the ability to have T-Mobile ONE and have working VVM, and missed the fact that this was an ask about ONE Plus specifically. I appreciate the link, and will get an updated answer posted there ASAP.

                      I also just want to confirm that I have ONE Plus (albeit on an Android device) and can not split services off via the TMO app or MyT-Mobile, so your memory of what you saw is correct. It may be that snn555 is using a grandfathered version of the plan, but we checked our internal document's last update date, and it looks like this has been the case since March (the ONE Plus bundle can't be broken out), so maybe it was different before that time?
                      I appreciate the feedback about why these services aren't appealing to you, and will make sure that it's forwarded (and thanks to you, can pass along the other thread as well). I'm sorry that you put so much effort out to get a straight answer. I wish I could offer an explanation as to why they can't be split, but right now I know it's not systematically possible -- if it was part of a larger business decision, I don't have the insight to share, but I will make sure that your ask is passed along.


                      - Marissa

                      • tmo_marissa

                        magenta2960905 - That comment is definitely interesting, and I appreciate it -- in fact, I will forward that as well. Not to get too technical, but CAMEL provisioning isn't something we should play with and isn't accessible to most users in our internal systems (I think that's what the user means with their well-wishing caveat). That said, if the option is there, then perhaps it's a possibility to get it added as an escalation process. It can't hurt at all to pass it on along with the feedback!


                        snn555 - Your secret's safe with me. I wish I could say what features ONE Plus users across the board will/won't enjoy, and I don't know that any big issues are/were predicted, because otherwise I can't see us moving forward with setting the feature up this way! We're in the habit of avoiding eyepokes where we can, and hurtling headlong into one would be pretty counter to that. I feel like passing this feedback along is the least that we can do!


                        - Marissa

                        • magenta2960905

                          One more quick update on this topic. I guess today is the new billing cycle for me because I woke up to find notification of some features that were downgraded since I switched back to the ONE plan. Well, I also found 8 voicemails from the past week that were apparently in some state of limbo and never received. These were voicemails I didn't receive over text and didn't show up in the iOS visual voicemail. So, all the more reason why you shouldn't force ONE Plus customers into these garbage features with no way to disable them.

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                          • tmo_marissa

                            Hey, all. I know it's been some time since this thread's been active, but in the event that there might be some users following here that aren't following the thread linked in the response marked at the top of the page, I wanted to check in and ask if any of you fine folks who contacted our Tech team when you noticed these issues have been given any ticket numbers regarding your VVM trouble. Can you let me know a little about how this conversation plays out? Are we advising you that VTT (Voicemail to Text) is what's causing the issue with VVM on your iPhones, or has anyone had a ticket filed with this response as the result?

                            Thanks in advance for your feedback!

                              • snn555

                                I suppose my promo plan allows me to remove the feature where as the full plan that's not on promo does not allow user to remove the feature. However once removed I had no further issues.

                                • magenta5042249

                                  tmo_marissa Is there a definitive update to this issue?  Not getting the native iOS voicemail feature to work would be a deal breaker for me.  I just moved over from Verizon yesterday and will move back to have a carrier that doesn't block native phone functionality.  I've read several threads and see this has been an issue for several months, I am hoping someone has determined how to address this for those of us who are paying a premium for your OnePlus plan, but seem to be losing features as a result.

                                    • tmo_marissa

                                      Hey, magenta5042249. Thanks for joining our Community!
                                      I haven't heard anything back regarding this issue. The last time I reached out, the team I contacted wanted to know the following:

                                      ... any of you fine folks who contacted our Tech team when you noticed these issues have been given any ticket numbers regarding your VVM trouble. Can you let me know a little about how this conversation plays out? Are we advising you that VTT (Voicemail to Text) is what's causing the issue with VVM on your iPhones, or has anyone had a ticket filed with this response as the result?

                                      Thanks in advance for your feedback!

                                      Basically, the features can't be split from ONE Plus at this time. That said, I would love to give the team some answers to their questions and follow back up. Have you had a chance to reach out to Tech?


                                      We did have a user on another thread report the following:

                                      I found a suggestion online (non T-mobile site) to enable the password for the iOS VM.  I did so, and the iOS transcription started working again!  Unfortunately, it also broke the link from the TMO VM-->Text.  I tried disabling the password, and now the transcription is working in both places.  (IOW:  1) set password; 2) enable password; 3) disable password)


                                      Badges still not working--the badge will show up momentarily, then disappear right as the TMO VM-->Text message arrives.  It appears that the the VM-->Text system "listens" to the message as far as iOS is concerned.  That's annoying.


                                      As I say, still trying to decide if I like the VM-->Text feature, but, either way I'd like to know if there's a way to turn it off!