Billing in Arrears


    Does anyone else have billing in arrears?


    I asked for billing in arrears when I started with T-Mobile as I left ATT because they without notice other than the doubled bill switched me to in advance billing from in arrears. I was told by the T-mobile sales rep I could have billing in arrears (post paid bill is generated after the billing cycle ends) all I had to do was call customer care once I received my first bill. I just spent more than an hour bouncing between customer care and activations and they said billing in arrears is not an option. This link on the T-Mobile site implies there is billing in arrears. Understand your bill


    If you do have billing arrears how did you get it setup?


    The last rep I spoke to indicated I had only 4 options:


    1. live with billing in advance

    2. file a complaint with the various regulatory agencies (then see #1 or #4)

    3. consider legal recourse (then see #1 or $4)

    4. shut off the service and move to another provider and/or get a burner phone with pre-paid service (essentially what you have with billing in advance)


    I wish they just would have been honest and told the truth about the billing.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Billing in Arrears

        Hey, magenta2948840!


        Your simple request of wanting billing in arrears has cost you some time and I'm sorry that you're getting conflicting information. Yes, we have billing in arrears for older accounts that haven't been converted. That being said, we cannot switch an account from bill current to bill in arrears only the other way around as that's how the system is set-up. Again, I'm so sorry that we told you otherwise when starting up an account with us. That's not the first impression we want to leave with you.