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    I am completely disgusted with T-Mobile.  the Apple Watch was a gift for my wife and even the sales person at the store told me that they could ship my watches to the hotel.  Later I found out that everything  is on backorder and that all stores were aware.  They did the similar thing with a tablet. I am getting a date of Nov11 to December now.   I don’t mind delays, I don’t mind tablets that will not work for business.  ALL I AM ASKING IS FOR THE SALES PEOPLE TO STOP LYING.  Acne once the lie is made stop customer service telling us that they are aware of what stores are doing.  Due to this I have a useless tablet that I am not using and a gift that I couldn’t give my wife.  I honestly don’t trust the people at the store.  I was hoping to get my business partnered with T-Mobile but with the in professional, lying individuals at the store.  How can we strategize a business deal.  I am beyond irate.  Plus the service team stating that they are surprised I couldn’t return the tablet.  Don’t say that after I tried to return it 3 times the next day due to lying from the clerk. 

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

        Hey rulymo2122,


        I am very sorry to hear that this ordering process has caused you grief. The Apple Watch was and still is a crazy popular device and the orders we received quickly depleted our stock and additional orders were placed on backlog. We try to update the shipping dates page in real time for all of our devices so that the customer can have an estimated time frame.


        As for your tablet, what specifically happened here? How long ago did you order the tablet and when did you try to return it?

          • rulymo2122

            Re: Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

            I am ok with delays, its just that your stores knew very well that there

            was a back order, and should set the right expectations. The tablet was

            about 3 months ago. I had asked a representative a technical question on a

            specific tablet. I needed the tablet to skype and conference with my

            associates. Well they assured me that the tablet was capable of those

            things and more, I asked if it doesn’t work can I return it, and they said

            not a problem. Well I took it to our IT team here at my work. They stated

            that the salesperson should of known that the tablet could not handle skype

            and presentations and that I should get the Samsung tablet. So the next day

            I went to the same office and same individual on the NE part of El Paso,

            close to my home and told them what IT said, and would like to return or at

            least look at the Samsung Tablet. Well they said that I had to pay a 70

            something dollar re-stocking fee, I advised them that it was almost as much

            as what the tablet is worth. I talked to a Manager with the same result,

            keep in mind that the tablet still had the plastic and all. I took it to

            another store near my home and the Manager was kind of rude, no problem I

            am a big boy, ex military so no sweat. Then I talked to a customer service

            person and they stated that due to purchasing the equipment at the office

            that they couldn’t do anything for me. I just called on Monday, and the

            service people stated that sales stores do that, and it is what it is,

            pretty much. He stated also that the tablet should of been able to be

            returned, but the should word doesn’t work very well with me. I am really

            thinking of going back to Verizon. You have a great service, great

            equipment, but honestly I purchase of hardware from my providers, and if I

            don’t trust them, what can I do. According to the service person, I should

            go to the store, and then I have to confirm with them just to make sure a

            salesperson is not lying. Lying is a strong word, but I honestly can’t say

            that its not an error when the Managers are there and dont correct or take

            care of the customer. Thank you for responding. Verizon might be expensive

            but will set the right expectations.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Re: Apple Watch series 3 ship date

                Thanks for taking the time to clarify. I sincerely apologize that the limits and functionality of the tablet you purchased were not fully communicated. I totally get why you would want to return the device if it did not do what you wanted it to do and what you were told that it could do. While most tablets are compatible with Skype calls, not all of them are going to have the full Skype experience such as presentations like you mentioned. I am not sure if the sales rep you spoke with knew or understood what the specific tasks you were trying to do within Skype when you purchased it but if it was not going to do what you wanted it to do, you should definitely return it.


                As for the restocking fee, this is a bit tricky as we only waive the restocking fee if the device is defective and we replace it for you at the store. Since this was a limitation of the device and not a defect, I can see why there may have been some push back. I know this was all over 3 months ago so returning the tablet now is not an option but we value your feedback and I want to make sure that it is conveyed to the appropriate folks. I am going to send you a private message so I can gather some necessary information from you and make sure that your feedback is heard.