Forced to Keep Wrong Color Replacement iPhone?

    I had a common occurrence. The glass broke on my black front, silver back 6 Plus. I paid the $175 deductible to Assurant Insurance for a replacement but received a white front phone. I do not want a white phone. In fact I hate the white phone. The reply was "take what we give you" You do not get a choice." This is good customer service? I pay for the insurance and the deductible. I should have a say in what I get. If I wreck my red BMW, should I not get my red BMW back from the repair shop. Should I just accept a purple BMW?


    Assurant does not care about what their customers want. You take what they give you.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey Jeffery,


        I totally understand where you are coming from. When we buy a phone and there are multiple color options, we will choose the color we want. When doing a warranty replacement, we (T-Mobile) will do everything we can to ensure that your replacement device is the exact same color/make/model and most of the time we are able to do that. When you process a replacement through insurance, the replacement is going to be based on their available stock and could be reconditioned or brand new device of like type and quality. There is unfortunately no guarantee that the color you originally had would be available.


            I appreciate the reply, however this is not of any satisfaction to me. What remains in my hand is not what I want. Now knowing this level of customer care from Assurant, I will soon change my insurance to Square or another, once investigated. The fact remains that Assurant will not provide me with any other phone than one that I despise, and care not that I carry it for a year or more.


            I run a business and I would never ever do this to a client. At the very least I would take the time to communicate with them.



              • tmo_chris

                We appreciate your feedback. We really do. Assurant is great as you can get a replacement over night for only the cost of the deductible and in most cases, this is only a fraction of the cost of the phone if you had to buy a new one. Since they are a 3rd party, they are unfortunately going to be limited to the stock that they have. Depending on the device, a replacement/repair through the manufacturer directly may be a better idea. I know with Apple products, we have a bundle option for our premium handset protection that comes with AppleCare Services where you can go directly through Apple for things screen repairs.


                I understand this does not help you now that the replacement has already happened, but I wanted to make sure there is full transparency here.