Need help - derogatory unknown account showing my credit report


    Where should I call to get all the account information.

    It's important to get the cellphone number, billing address, payment method used and info, etc.

    I would like to know all the details of the account to determine if I was a victim of identity theft. It was a low dollar amount but is affecting my credit score.


    Your response will be greatly appreciated!!

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      • tmo_lauren

        Low dollar amount of not, you absolutely don't want things like that appearing on your credit report!


        Info we are allowed to give you is limited over the phone even regarding an account in your name is limited due to government regulations, so just to prepare you we won't be able to say things like "it was paid with this *insert whole card number* CC" but we will confirm any info you have proactively, and can confirm plenty of other details.


        You can find our contact info here- Contact Us


        We hope you're able to get this resolved ASAP.