I'm still waitting for my rebate.. It's been over 10months!


    Last Christmas, I was nicely approached by a sales person in T-Mobile, left the store with 3 brand new phones and with the promise I was getting a full rebate on 1 since the promotion was BOGO.  It almost Christmas again and the rebate was never process. Call the help center a couple of times and no help   just waiting on HOLD. Called the store and spoke with manger about 2 months ago, the manger said "Don't worry we will take of it, it its not your fault that our sales rep. did not provide you with a pin#. AND yes I'm still waiting....

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      • smokiepup

        To be honest, getting my return back was hell.  It took almost a year.

        • tmo_lauren

          Oh man. It shouldn't take longer than 8 weeks, much less longer than 10 months. I am so sorry, I would be pretty annoyed in your position, rightfully so.


          We don't have account access through her on the forums, but our Facebook and Twitter teams do and they are great at finding solutions for one off issues like this. You can find their contact info in my signature or here-


          Please keep us updated on what happens!



          • magenta3720367

            I switched to t-mobile from Verizon 3 months ago.I  was lied to and told there were no promotions for new customers. Then I found out about the reimbursement and was supposed to get a Samsung e tablet. I wasn't able to file my reimbursement online because the web site wouldn't work so I keep calling in. I have sent several screenshots showing the amount like I waas supposed to.  Still nothing. Also I was lied to about coverage and told that I would have no problems. After getting my new phone i find put t-mobile doesn't have any towers here. I have unlimited talk text and data but I am very limited because I have to run off I wireless towers. So I said I would have internet installed and t-mobile promised to send a wifi router. Once again 3 months later and mothing.

              • tmo_lauren

                Hey magenta3720367 I can't speak to why you weren't offered a promotion upon activation, but there can be a number of requirements that disqualify certain activations. In order for the website to recognize a reimbursement, there does typically need to be info input at time of activation for the sites backend to recognize it.


                This may be why the site wasn't functioning correctly. Because I can't view the exacts of your account here, I would suggest reaching out to T-Force, you can find them through FB and Twitter, the links are in my signature, or here Contact Us 

                  • magenta3720367

                    After I found out about the promotions I called t-mobile and was told that

                    yes I should have gotten them. I have been told that by several t-mobile

                    employees now and still have not gotten them. Also the router because I

                    don't get signal. I get told yes it's on the way 2 day mail. A few days

                    goes by nothing. So I call back no order placed. 3 months of this. I have

                    filed complaints with BBB, consumer alliance, ftc,and attorney general for

                    the state of Iowa. My next move is small claims court. I  don't want that

                    but getting left no choice


                    Nathain Sagers