How the alleged "no contracts" IS A LIE!!


    My phones have been FULLY PAID AND TMOBILE STILL REFUSES to sim unlock them why?


    According to Tmo there are no contracts and you can easily switch out of T-Mobile whenever you want to, that's like their motto - HOWEVER

    Tmo holds your phones hostage with their "Policy's" (that most of us unknowingly agree to) despite them stating otherwise.


    So I recently ported out of T-Mobile and tried to get my phones SIM UNLOCKED (need to used with another carrier) but T-Mobile REFUSED TO DO SO citing that the account had a remaining balance and according to their "SIM UNLOCK POLICY - the account balance must be zero" I stated that this was never mentioned in the Phone Payment Plan furthermore according to their "no contracts" campaign and everyone I spoke to when I first got my service I had a "separate agreement with the phones and service" but this appears not the case as it took 7 T-Mobile reps to figure this out. Now the remaining balance on the account is nothing (like $200) which will be taken care of, but the fact that T-Mobile enjoys marketing how they are the "Uncarrier" when in fact they follow the same cheap practices that all of the major carriers follow is disgusting.


    This is not meant to bash T-Mobile but to simply make the consumer aware!. I expect nothing to come out of this but I hope someone here sees it before it gets deleted, I also submitted this story to major blog sites hopefully one of them picks it up.
    My final advice, NEVER BUY PHONES FROM T-MOBILE OR ANY OTHER CARRIER, buy from the manufacture as most have similar promotions and have payment plans.

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      • htghtg

        Re: How the alleged "no contracts" IS A LIE!!


        • tidbits

          Re: How the alleged "no contracts" IS A LIE!!

          People have known this for years.  I personally tell people better to buy outright from manufacturers.  Carriers have every right to recoup their money if you take any payment plans and agree to their terms.

            • jesshurun

              Re: How the alleged "no contracts" IS A LIE!!

              Yes I agree but here's the thing, the phone I've been trying to get SIM unlocked WAS NOT EVEN BOUGHT ON THAT ACCOUNT I first bought it on another account which was FULLY PAID (final bill and phone), then the phone was PORTED TO A NEW ACCOUNT (after it was fully paid) and now TMOBILE IS HOLDING THAT PHONE HOSTAGE!?!!?!?! so how does T-Mobile explain that one? their TOS's and policy doesn't explain that!



            • drnewcomb2

              Re: How the alleged "no contracts" IS A LIE!!

              It's never the case that there is "no contract". If you go to the 7-11 and buy a slurpie, there's a contract; it's just a very short-term one. T-Mobile actually has month-to-month service contracts. They also sell phones on longer-term installment contracts but these are just for the convenience of the customers. You can pay them off at any time. I personally don't ever want a phone that I can't afford to pay for outright and have never bought a phone on an installment plan.


              Have you checked to see if T-Mobile's Lifetime Coverage Guarantee applies to your case?

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: How the alleged "no contracts" IS A LIE!!

                Hiya, jesshurun, and welcome to our Community.

                Firstly, we wouldn't delete this post. Your feedback is valued, good or bad, and I don't see anything here that violates our Usage Guidelines or Terms of Use -- just your honest opnio, which you are totally entitled to and we thank you for taking the time to share.


                I know our users have chimed in with some insight, and from your original post I also understand that you know our device unlock policies are pretty much industry standard. Still, we value your feedback, and I want to address your concern!


                You're correct that a device financing agreement is a legally binding contract. While we don't require service contracts, because our postpaid accounts are billed slightly in arrears (and older accounts were more traditionally billed this way), we do require in our unlock policy that if the account is canceled, any final balance is settled prior to unlocking a device. To be transparent, this is to mitigate loss, and one of those situations where because there are a few people who would unlock a device and never settle their final bill, we have a rule to prevent that from happening. I can totally understand how this could be an inconvenience for someone like you who obviously has every intention of making good on the balance owed on your former account, and I'm sorry for the delay that this policy causes for good folks. You can unlock a device before the account is canceled, when the account is active and current and the phone is paid in full and meets the usage requirements, etc -- most of those guidelines should be outlined here: Unlock your mobile wireless device. I'm sorry that because of the timeline in this instance we're stuck playing this waiting game. It's bad enough to know we've lost your business, but drawing this portion out stinks, too.


                That said, I noticed in your follow up comment that you used this device and paid it off in full on a previous account. If that original account's balance is settled and at zero, then one of our internal teams (Care or T-Force), should be able to search for that account number instead of your most recent one, and submit the unlock request using those details! While we can't see this type of customer information ourselves, we'd definitely recommend reaching out and taking this approach by providing the former account number for the request. If interacting online is the best option for you, then T-Force should be able to look this kind of info up and get the request filed -- you can contact them through Twitter DM or Facebook Message!


                Regarding your point about purchasing unlocked equipment -- we are super stoked to be able to offer branded equipment that manufacturers develop in a way that's particularly compatible with our network, but I can definitely see how this experience might turn you off -- we welcome unlocked equipment on our network, too, although we can't guarantee that it will always offer that same compatibility. We have tons of customers who go just this route because it's what makes sense for them (typically folks who are frequent travelers find manufacturer-unlocked equipment particularly attractive), and we wouldn't have it any other way. What works for you works for us!


                Thanks again for reaching out here!

                - Marissa