Thoroughly Disgusted


    The month of October has been difficult for my family.


    First, my daughter went into the retail store in Owings Mills, MD to upgrade her phone.  The cashier took her driver's license home and refused to return it the next day because it wasn't her day to work. Are you kidding me?!!! The manager said, "Nothing I can do, you'll have to wait until she returns to work."


    As if that wasn't bad enough, my wife went into the retail store on Greenmount Ave in Baltimore City 3 weeks ago to purchase a new phone.  Everything was fine until we got our latest bill.  My wife called customer support because on Sunday, October 15, several phone lines were added to our account without our knowledge or permission.  On her initial call she was met with a person who wasn't very fluent in English who told her that she couldn't have the lines cancelled.  My wife is fully authorized to do anything she wants on the account because she handles our finances and manages our household, but I digress.


    After going around in circles for more than 10 minutes, my wife asked to speak with a decision maker.  She transferred to another department where "further investigation" was conducted.  The representative on this leg of the call told my wife that someone from the Greenmount location went into our account on October 15 and added the lines.  She was told that a "customer mistreat" would be filed, however, it still required me to call if we want the lines cancelled. 


    Here's what I don't get, if my wife can order phones, pay the bills and add items to the account, why can't she cancel items from the account especially when it is clear that neither she, nor I, approved it?  We have been faithful customers of TMobile for 13 years but now we have zero trust for this company.  We are looking at the Big-3 trying to make a decision.  I'm sure Verizon, AT&T or Sprint would love our business.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Thoroughly Disgusted

        It really has not been a good month for you or your family.


        I am so sorry about the ID, did you have a complaint filed for that? I understand you spoke to the manager and it was a weird situation, but if an ID is left in the store the associate should be leaving that ID in the store, not taking it anywhere with them.


        Line canceling is one of the few actions that requires the Primary Account Holder (name the account was set up under) and is not an action an authorized user can complete. I believe the only other action the PAH is required for is adding additional authorized users, so the situations are few and far between. That said, I know it has to be especially frustrating when and authorized user is dealing with lines that shouldn't even be there in the first place, but it is policy that we are only able to cancel a line for the PAH, which sounds like you.


        The ability for only the PAH to cancel is the industry norm among carriers, that said, it definitely sounds like we have room to improve with situations like yours and fraudulently added lines. I will be happy to get the situation passed up the chain.


        To clarify only because you mentioned why can't she cancel items, it's only the line itself. She would be able to cancel any features or additions to the line, just not the line itself.


        Please let me know if you'd like me to have feedback logged for the rep you held onto the ID or if there is anything else I can follow up on for you.


        My apologies again and I hope all the subsequent weeks of service with us treat you better.