My Callers are Getting Out-of-Service Message Again!


    I ported my main line (Samsung Galaxy S8+) and wearable line (Gear S3) in to T-Mobile from AT&T several months ago. I ended up trading my AT&T S8+ and Gear S3 for T-Mobile versions. I am on a 55 Plus plan, and the Gear S3 is my second line within that plan.


    I set up Digits to allow me to access my mainT-Mobile  line from my business Verizon phones and iPad, as well as my desktop computer. For a couple of weeks, all was working well for me, and I was loving the setup. Incoming calls were going to all my devices, and I was able to text on them as well. Then, suddenly, callers to my main T-Mobile line started getting a message saying that line was "out of service." Some of the time, those calls would ring once on my Galaxy S8+ and/or Gear S3, but stop ringing before I could answer them. When I called one of those callers back, they told me that they heard the out-of-service message, and thought I had disconnected the number. Of course, I started worrying about how many calls I had missed.


    I called T-Mobile tech support, and spent quite a long time on the phone with a Digits specialist. He tried calling my number and also got the out-of-service message. He changed a couple of settings in my account, but couldn't get his calls to me to go through. He finally told me the problem was not with Digits, and transferred me to another tech. That tech couldn't get it fixed, and told me he would turn in a trouble ticket for the engineers.


    After nearly 24 hours, and still not being able to receive calls, I called T-Mobile Tech Support again. This time, the tech got it fixed. My calls were back to coming in as normal.


    Everything was working fine for the next couple of weeks. Then, yesterday afternoon, it started happening again! Calls from my wife's mobile, and a client's landline were getting the out-of-service messages. I was ready to call it quits, give up on T-Mobile, and started considering porting my number to another carrier. Then, because of my recent investment in T-Mobile equipment, I thought I would just cancel the Digits service, and use the T-Mobile line as a normal (non-digits line.) I felt I could live without the Digits features, but couldn't have callers not getting through to me and thinking I had cancelled my phone service.


    This morning when I got up I started by testing my T-Mobile main line, by calling that number from a landline. Everything is working fine again today!


    Of course, I am extremely relieved that my main line and Digits service is back to working as it should be. However, now I'm wondering when it will happen again. I guess I will start testing it daily for a while so I'm not blindsided again.


    I know T-Mobile is putting a lot of resources into Digits. I love the service when it works as designed. I guess my biggest concern is that when something goes wrong, my callers get an out-of-service message. That should be changed immediately to at least SEND THOSE CALLS TO VOICEMAIL!


    If you've read all of my rambling, I really appreciate it! I hope somebody can offer a solution!

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