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    as the months go by fast I thought of many ideas how to keep JOD affordable for those that have it. First idea is add ons feature to allow frequent jump on demands with no down payments another idea is reduce frequent jump amounts per 2 years or increase duration of jump on demand for off set such a cost on both the consumer and T-Mobile. i just don’t want to ending paying 300 bucks ever 30 days if I wanted to jump that often. I just think it should be a case by case. I want it to be as broad as a buffet for consumers, choices. Share I love the fact that Apple, Samsung broght the by backs trade in 300 bucks. Or let the c decide what they would like to happen for the jump on demand down payment features.

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! We really appreciate your feedback. While upgrading every 30 days is not the typical case, I can see the added benefits to the customers with your ideas. I will be sure to pass this feedback along

        • lychae

          Re: Jump on demand down payment suggestions

          I feel like JOD customers should have one down pmt waiver per year for the people that are only switching once a year and have the down pmt policy stay as intended for people that switch far more often. I have JOD and just get the latest iPhone every year. There is just no point switching every month and exhausting completely new phones into refurb/"not quite new" devices. It's those kinds of people that prompted tmo to put up this new policy in the first place.

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