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    for many years I have used data stash however one of my lines never use its entire value, yet hoping data stash limit can increase at a nominal add on charge.

    I hope that if possible I wouldn’t mind paying 5.99 month a month to increase data stash limit from 20GB to  perhaps 50GB stash And was hoping data stash meter worked on my Tmobile app again. I update it did everything the reps told me nothing works so what I do is just call it in everytime I need to know. I think their is def room for imporv here on data stash. As well for the iwatch series 3 since it’s now basically a smartphone to me at this point. It would be nice if it had data stash and as well tablets with of course a smaller data stash limit like maybe 10gb per year and would like add one on that too. While at this I hope that for use in grandfather account what we pay 20 bucks on smart watches we get actual 4g LTE speed or we can manage what we like accordingly to our add on feature. just  thought let me know what y’all think?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Data stash add on increase idea

        Hey there! I don't see any immediate plans to change the data stash cap but we appreciate your feedback! As far a data stash on tablets, this is currently available for our Simple Choice Mobile internet plans. The Apple Watch Series 3 is going to be a bit different however as it requires a special kind of plan on our network that is not actually eligible for data stash.


        As for viewing your stash, while you may not be able to see it in the app, you can still see it on so there is no need to call.


        Log in to My T-Mobile.

        Click Usage.

        Scroll to the line.

        Click View Data Stash.

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        • barcodeable

          Re: Data stash add on increase idea

          T-mobile made some changes.... data stash is nolonger visible online anymore.... so you will need to call customer service reps every time to find out what your current STASH amount is .