Upset that T-mobile does not care, why should I be suprised


    Like a LOT of other people that have posted in the comments I and my wife, and my kids have been T-mobile unlucky customers for 10 + years.

    I have a Note 5, that works well. Samsung made a good phone. However T-Mobiles service is very much bad. I will be sitting next to my friends at lunch and they are on their phones, (AT-T, Verizon, Sprint) they find a interesting thing to look at however my friends have learned not to send me anything on my phone because I either do not get the text, or if I get the link it will not open. I believe that the Icons at the top LIE and say I have all of this connection power however that is not true. I wonder if there is some kind of class action lawsuit right there. T-Mobile using software to fake connection bars and such.. I think I will look into that.

    So the issues that I have is the coverage.. I look at the maps and I am in the pink like IN IT and I do a speed test and most of the time I get connections speeds like my old 56k modem.. Paying lots of money, buying new phones, paying for data that gets capped and slowed down. What a crock for bull turds.


    I wonder what if a rep from TMobile is going to respond and tell me something. Most of the time they are like try this setting and it will work. Then 1 day later nothing works. So you go into shop and some kid takes your phone and changes setting and goes Here you are. Guess what, i had to factory reset my phone last time someone from T-SukMobile worked on my phone. I have reached the end, not going to take this crap anymore. Going to go to some other carrier that I know will suk just as bad, however perhaps I can get some swag or something from them..
    OH and yall not caring is a giving.. You will post something to make it look like you will care, however  All of that will be lost in time, like tears in the rain...........

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      • tmo_lauren

        Oh man, we promise your concerns won't be lost like tears in the rain, and we're here to respond and see what we can do to help.


        Have you already gone through full troubleshooting with us? Is there anywhere that you get high speeds, or do you just seem to have issues in particular areas? Have we tried anything beyond the master reset with you? Have speeds been an issue the entire 10 years? Is this happening on all phones on your account, or just the Note 5?





        • dragon1562

          Hey, I'm not a T-mobile worker just another customer like yourself. If I can help I would be more then happy to. If you decide to switch by the way which you do seem adamant about(although i'm not personally sure it will be as great as you think) I can help with that as well. I personally rock two phones on the daily since its kind of my thing and have helped friends switch from Verizon to AT&T and T-mobile etc. so I can probably provide some helpful tips.


          Also about your phone indicator displaying signal strength... you can't sue and its not on T-mobile. It would be on the manufacturer of the device so Samsung for the note 5. If you know specific areas are always a issue you can report them to T-mobile . I would also ask if the affected areas are indoors or out. Buildings can effect the signal quality.

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          • tmo_chris

            Hey there! Just checking in to see how things are going? Please let us know if you still need help.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Hi there!


              We really wanna make sure you get the help you need so please give us a reply back and let us know if you need some assistance. Thanks.

              • magenta2927413

                No, nothing is changed. I am stuck suffering with Tmobile until I can get enough money to switch to another carrier and get the same crap from them.,
                However until that time I need my phone to work...
                Here are the issues.... Bars displayed are not true indicator of signal strength. I can have LTE and 4g and full bars, however I am unable to send text message,, This happens indoor, outdoors, anywhere.. I have to reboot my phone to get it to connect and then it works for a few hours then I just except that it will not work.
                Calls if it were not for wifi calling at my house I would never be able to get phone calls. I have checked the coverage area and I am right at the edge of the dome of coverage... its been that way for 12 years, seems tmobile does not really increase the coverage area like they say they do.

                  • tmo_chris

                    I am truly sorry to hear that you are still having these issues! I really want to find the cause of this and I apologize if you have already answered some of these questions before but have you noticed if the issues you are having seem to be specific to certain locations like only while you are at work or while you are at store? I know you have been having a lot of issues so it might be easier if you let me know if there was an area that you didn't have any issues? Do your Wife and kids phones have the same issues in the same locations that you do?